100th Post About China

So it took me 100 posts to realise I don’t think I will be blogging about China for much longer. As a matter of fact, I have decided that it is time to let me expatriate career go. I have always been afraid of coming home since you are feel as a foreigner even there after many years away. At the same time you never really feel local anywhere you live – China, Indonesia, the States….

So after 7 years of wondering around I have realised that I am no longer willing to hop from place to a place, but I would rather start nesting back home. I am leaving China, and moving back to Russia. The last year here was not easy, I always remembered China as the most comfortable place for living, but this year it has changed.

I am moving with no plan, taking my Swiss Chinese fiance with me, who will have a new expat adventure in Russia. So you might expect posts from me about Russian permits, settling in and getting our life going there. 

I have still got two months in this amazing country before relocating back. But it is only 60 days to catch up on what I have missed until now. However, I am already looking forward to a new adventure – permanent job in a country, where everyone speaks my language; decorating a house, which is finally not a temporary rental but actual living place, where we can decorate to our taste; it is the kitchen tailored to our Russian liking and many other things to enjoy.

Someone told me the other day: “You can leave China but China will never leave you”. I suppose I will bring my experiences of working abroad in my life in Russia, but that will be a completely different story, which I will start from now on.