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Jingshan park – Beijing Places

Beijing just had another long weekend. To be honest from the stress and working I was quite tired and just lazy. I would do night/day rides. But today I actually forced myself to go for a hike in Jingshan Park. Jingshan Park. Jingshan park is located in the central…

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Night Ride in Gulou – Beijing Places

At night many cities look different than in the daylight. Beijing is one of them. If you explore it by night, in the morning it will seem to be a different place. Probably, you will not even recognise it. Now during the summer time as it is too hot…

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Family style dining – Beijing Eats

Yesterday I have shared my impression of the trip to Shilinxia. However, as you might have noticed, I skipped dining experience as I think it deserves an entire post. So yesterday I got to eat like a local – family style dining restaurant. Family style dining. What is that?…

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Hilton Sanyuan Hotel – Beijing Places

Sometimes you want to get out somewhere and not just stay at home. It might happen for a multiple reasons like bad AC in Beijing apartments, too much sunlight or you might simply just want to change the surroundings. In that case you might consider a staycation somewhere in…

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