Marriage Documents - Moving to Moscow | Oh My Simple Life

Marriage Documents – Moving to Moscow

When you have applied for the invitation to Russia and waiting to get it to apply for visa it is time to get some documents required for the marriage as a foreign citizen. Documents Required. In Moscow there is only one place where you can apply for the marriage…

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Temporary Registration - Moving to Russia | Oh My Simple Life

Temporary Registration – Moving to Russia

After you have received the invitation and visa, and finally safely arrived to Moscow, it is time to get the local temporary registration. If you stay in a hotel or a company takes care of your documents you will be lucky to escape the hassle. However, if you do…

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Mysterious Jogjakarta - Travel Indonesia | Oh My Simple Life

Jogjakarta – Travel Indonesia

When someone says Indonesia the first place that probably comes to your mind is Bali. I have spent a year in Bintan island, which is just as nice as Bali, and managed to travel a little around to find out more about this mysterious country. One of the places…

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Max Brenner Chocolate Paradise - Moscow Eats | Oh My Simple Life

Max Brenner Chocolate Paradise – Moscow Eats

Chocolate, chocolate and once again chocolate – that’s all you can say about Max Brenner cafe in Moscow. Remember, I once mentioned my most favorite movie ever was Chocolate? The amount of chocolate served in this cafe can be compared to the my movie’s cafe. It is a perfect…

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Yonganli Silk Market - Beijing Place | Oh My Simple Life

Silk Market – Beijing Place

In 2012 when I came to China for the very first time Beijing had quite a few markets to offer. Right next to the main shopping area of Sanlitun (currently TaiKoLi) there was a Yashow market, where we used to spend so much time. Before my return in 2017…

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Luxurious Abu Dhabi – Travel UAE

All of the Emirates of UAE Abu Dhabi is my favorite one. It is quite, pleasant and clean. Somehow Abu Dhabi attracts much less tourists in comparison to Dubai, but a large number of business travelers. Abu Dhabi has the largest Mosque to show to the visitors, a unique…

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China National Museum - Beijing Places | Oh My Simple Life

China National Museum – Beijing Places

As soon as I decided to wear something light and summer and prepared my new lens to meet Beijing, it started raining… So unfortunate! But on the other hand it was a great chance to finally visit China National Museum. Around 20 halls, 4 floors and free tickets made…

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