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5 Favorite Places on the Earth

My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

I have not travelled as much as other travel bloggers do as I still have a full time jobs. However, when I get a chance to travel, I try to do it. My hotelier career is also a great way to explore. 

In this place I have decide to share with you 5 of my favorite places on our planet. They are all absolutely different and probably have nothing in common, but those were the places, which made me fall in love. 

The Coast of Montenegro.

My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

My first introduction of Montenegro happened around 10 years ago. My family decided to go and explore the place. Just a year before it, we went travelling to Italy. Imagine my surprise when we landed and I saw Italy but speaking different language and being way cheaper.

Montenegro (Crna Gora) means a black mountain, which resemble the view from the coast over the mountains. At night time it does not just get dark, but black.

The sea is very clear and clean as the coast, the water never gets too hot. Actually most of the time it is very refreshing. The days are hot, the night are chilly. The entire country is filled with attractions – natural and man made. It is surely one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to.

The food is amazing – fresh vegetables, meats, home made cheese and fresh pastries are every day on the table. It is very common to see many locals sitting in small bakeries or cafes having their morning kaffa (local coffee). No one is ever in hurry, nothing bothers them, it is just a happy country.

Tip: in between Bar and Petrovac (on the way to Budva there is a restaurant Narcis – now it is an Italian place, it has the best view and great food).

The dish to try: you must try local kaymak (home made soft cheese), myeso pod sac (pressure cooked meat) and their shopska salad.

Drink: local wines are quite nice and their local krusovica / loza (liquor).

Bintan, Indonesia.

My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

I happened to spend a year on Bintan island of Indonesia working for one of the hotels. Most of the people visit Bali, however, Bintan is actually more pleasant for a vacation.

It is located in the north of Indonesia – very close to Singapore. There is not much to do except having a massage, tropical drink and take a swim in the clearest waters.

For me, this place was very exotic. Snakes, lizards, jungles and turtles were something new for me. I felt like it was a completely different world.

I worked, swam, ate local Indonesian food, enjoyed massage and rested from the city. One of the main entertainments for us there was watching monkeys from the terrace while chatting and looking forward.

I loved that place. Sometime I wish I could go back…

Tip: if visiting, make sure you lock all doors and windows if you want to wake up by yourself.

The dish to try: nasi or mie goreng and sup buntut (oxtail soup).

Drink: fresh mocktails.

Montreux, Switzerland.

My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life


Switzerland is surely not one of the typical countries. Everyone knows, if you are on a hunt for the best chocolate, that’s where it is. Knives? Also here. Safety? – For Sure!

So many things about Switzerland are so great. When I lived there (for around 3 years), I was always impressed how friendly everyone was – every morning the day would start from “Bonjour” from a local pedestrian.

The first time I visited Switzerland I fell in love… How can you not?

Montreux is very special – the beauty of the lake and the shores of France on the other side, small cafes all around serving amazing ice cream, fresh air and feeling of safety – that’s what it has to offer. Every year Montreux becomes very lively twice – for the Jazz Festival in summer and the Christmas market in winter. In winter it becomes truly magical. I miss it so much!

Tip: Make sure you do all the shopping before 6pm – every thing closes super early, but you get used to it after some time.

The dish to try: Cheese fondue & Chocolate Fondue. My personal favorite – raclette.

Baikal Lake, Russia.

My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

When I name Baikal lake not many people actually know that it is the deepest lake in the world and the biggest resource of the fresh water (bigger than 5 Great Lakes combines).

Last year I got a lucky chance to visit it. 5-days cruise on a boat, exploring the shores and small islands. It is quite a cold place even in summer. Swimming in Baikal is also an experience – the water doesn’t get warmer than 12-15C.

While traveling in that area, you will hear a lot of different local legends and stories. You will be warned not take anything away from those places as the magic of the spirits will follow. It is an insanely beautiful place that worth a visit.

Tip: You need comfortable shoes. And a coat. And a swim suit. And a sunblock. And umbrella. You can never know what to expect.

Dish to try: local buzi (pozi) – dumplings with pork & beef, you can even try to make is yourself.

Drink: Tea during the day and vodka in the evening will keep you warm.

Hong Kong.

This year I finally made it to Hong Kong, visiting most of the main attractions. I did not expect it to be that nice, but after the very first introduction, I knew I like it. A city, which is so widespread with a very easy and complicated transportation at the same time, with so many people of different nationalities and great food choices, can never leave anyone indifferent.

It is loud in the day, but also moving at night. It is the city of contrasts, where you can see rich and poor eating together… Old school trams are still out in the streets. Food hawkers are alined with expensive restaurants.

It is an unusual place. It is the most attractive city in Asia.

Tip: Be prepared to spend a lot of money. Keep in mind that the best time to visit is in spring when it is not cold, but not too hot yet.

Dish to try: Dim Sum & Fried Pigeon.

I know many of you might not agree with me, but for me it is surely my “best” list. I love these places and I wanted you to love them too. Visit them yourself and see how it goes for you!

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