7 reasons for happiness this week

As humans we most of the time focus on bad things that we forget all good things that happen to us. One of my goals for this blog was to note something special each and every day. Apart from that I have also decided to make another step – keep track of things that made me happy each week. Keep track of reasons for Happiness.


So what brought me happiness this week?
  1. I have finally got my blender so I could have smoothie for breakfast every day. You think it is silly? NOPE, not for me! I am extremely happy about the fact of getting a proper blender in China.
  2. My trip to Hong Kong got confirmed! I am going to put on a tick on my travel list!  Spending an amazing weekend in Hong Kong, eating and exploring sounds great.
  3. My gym trainings are already making me feel to be back on track. Every single muscle hurts!  But when I think that summer is coming soon it keeps me motivated.
  4. We have taken a decision of coming back home to Russia by 2018 World Cup. Meaning that we are going to move into our house instead of rentals.
  5. I have discovered a new amazing natural cosmetics brand from Korea with great facial masks. Use it and next morning your face feels great (I will put on a review with pictures and results after use).
  6. I have met an such a great person, who works with me with experience of 45 years in our industry, who for some reason likes me and therefore supports me and entertains me with his stories.
  7. My blog has got 10 posts, which means I’ve been blogging for 10 days, and I think that is the longest I’ve ever lasted!

What made you happy this week? Have you ever though about it?