Beauty Outside. Beauty Inside.

I was actually just planning to talk about skin food today. Actually, most of us females spend a lifetime, looking for a perfect facial cream. I think it is almost impossible to find to be honest. Why?

Because it is difficult to guess the formula that your skin needs. There are also four seasons (in most of the countries), every season it changes preferences and needs (or wants) something different. There are different cycle periods where it is more or maybe less sensitive to certain things…. Actually, there are too many things to consider, which makes the process insanely challenging.

I still can’t find my perfect facial cream. Therefore, today I would like to have a look at other ways of keeping our skin healthy and attractive.

Eating habits for skin:

The most crucial element of adding or excluding food items from your diet is its value in terms of vitamins. The basic requirements, which you need to comply for good derma condition will be including products which are rich on vitamins A (responsible for healthiness), C (producing collagen to keep skin young), E (to assist with skin cells replacement) and B (which keeps overall conditions and helps it all to work together).

I will not be explaining here about each and every single food product or its vitamin content, all I can do it to mention the product which do the best job.

  • Tomatoes – rich on most of the vitamins (especially B2, C and A1-carotin);
  • Fish & Liver – high on oils, PP and D vitamins;
  • Fruits – rich on vitamins in general, also helps you to avoid fabricated sweets, which damage your skin.
  • Oatmeal & Buckwheat – rich on liaison elements.
Facial masks for skin:
  • Honey based – Help to make your skin smoother and healthier;
  • Oats based – Best natural peeling and vitamin enrichment at the same time;
  • Cucumber, tomato and strawberries – nutritional.

Trick one: Use Sunscreen instead of Facial Cream

Trick two: Wash your make up off even before you head home, while you are still at the office – it actually helps you to avoid getting bacteria mixed up with you make up and after going under the skin.

Trick three: in the morning wash you face with water only and spray some of nutritional water on your face.

Trick four: when you are at home, give your face some “space” leave it ‘naked’ for some time with no cream, no lotions just give it a little breathe.

Trick five: Love yourself and skin you live in.

Trick six: DRINK WATER and green tea.

These are my basic rules (which I wish I was following all the time, but sometimes it just doesn’t work). What are you rituals? What would you change in my routine?