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Bird Nest National Stadium – Beijing Places

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

Another weekend – another sightseeing adventure. AH was quite excited as that was as far North as we ever went. Timeout Beijing announced in March that the Bird Nest National Stadium Rooftop is now accessible for visitors. So, of course we took a challenge…

The Bird Nest.

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

As we all know the Bird Nest stadium has been built for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It is a building of a very futuristic architecture, which catches your eye. When you go inside, the size from inside impresses even more – you see 91000 of red and white seats and realize that some time back it was full, while now it is absolutely deserted.

Nowadays, the Bird Nest still operates, but unfortunately, it did not gain that much exposure and not much was done to attract a lot of visitors or users .  We were lucky enough to witness a running competition, otherwise, the stadium was empty.

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

But, I still believe if you live in Beijing or visiting for a longer period, now with the roof top open for public it surely worth a visit. Also, eating McDonald’s in the place, which uses stadium as dining area also is a unique experience.

The Bird Nest Rooftop.

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

Getting to the Rooftop is not as easy as it seems. First of all, make sure you get an all-around ticket to get an access there. Secondly, when you looked around the stadium you need to find the area C and go up the staircase to level 5, where you can find a love elevator, which will bring to you the level 6 – rooftop.

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

When you are up on the level 6, you find yourself in a labyrinth with an amazing view over the city. You still can see CCTV building, Liangmaqiao area and other… It is a pretty spectacular 360- view. Pictures from there are great. When you get through the labyrinth, you end your way in a small souvenir shop and then a staircase down.

The Olympic Park and Visit Tips.

Beijing, China, Bird Nest, Expat life, Travel

It is also a nice area to walk or ride around. Trees, bicycle lanes and nice surroundings – that’s all you need for a nice afternoon.

I would suggest to choose a day when either there is no direct sunshine or when it is less hot. On the rooftop there is nowhere to hide and when you are there, you don’t have much choice, you will have to go through.

The ticket for a visit will cost you RMB 80 to RMB 110 (all around ticket) depending on inclusions. Water you can get inside or bring your own. There is a small McDonalds shop, where you can get either a snack or an ice cream.

Living in Beijing, make sure you don’t skip this place and visit the Bird Nest Rooftop. As the Water Cube is also closely, you can combine both in one day. We skipped it as we thought we had enough for one day. But we were both quite happy with our adventure of the day. 

Would you like to climb up the Bird Nest rooftop? How would you like this adventure? As we are almost running out of attractions in Beijing and in a need of a break, we go to Tianjin next!

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