Blogs That Inspire Me

The very first time I decided to try blogging was back in 2014, when I came across “The Londoner”. I looked through her blog and for some reason though to myself that I might also try… I tried – I failed after a week. After that I’ve got the fascination for blogging. I tried again and again, but failed every time. I was either not interested or just too distracted.

*Disclaimer: All the pictures on this pages I have taken from the respective blog that mentioned below.

Before I started Oh My Simple Life, I read quite a few blogs, kept looking through Pinterest and thinking that one day I will also do this.

Finally, I created Oh My Simple Life. I tried, designed and re-designed it again and again, changed the focus and got back on track, almost abandoned it but came back. I would not be able to do it if not inspired by the following blogs.

The Londoner (http://www.thelondoner.me/) – My first blog inspiration. 

Blogs That Inspire - Moments of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

Rosie (the Londoner behind The Londoner) writes about her travels, cooking, visiting places and just her life. It is a very visually appealing blog, but also pleasant to read. I really like the colors and photography.

Her outfits and attention to details impressed in the Fashion page that she has (I love the B&H Buttomless Bellini Brunch), but at the same time simplicity and willingness to cook simple food like Skinny Satay Noodles make you wanna stay on the blog for hours.

Paris in Four Month (http://www.parisinfourmonths.com) – Photography Inspiration.

Blogs That Inspire - Moments of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

One of my dreams have always been to learn photography and practice. However, for some reason, my photography is still way behind than what I wish it to be.

Now that long ago I have found a blog with the most impressive photography I have seen in years. Paris in Four Month is a blog by Carin, who left everything in Stokholm and moved to Paris for four months to learn French. She has an incredible talent for photography and also knows how to present it. The Something Sweet” category of her blog is just inspiring…

Just a Girl and Her Blog (https://justagirlandherblog.com/) – Simple Home Design Inspiration.

Blogs That Inspire - Moments of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

Abby Lawson is a mom and blogger, who rights about organizing and decorating their home. It is a nice blog to spend sometime, while planning to get some new design or redecorate. I am a fan of pantries and this is hers.

The Everygirl (http://theeverygirl.com/) – Girlish Talk.

The Everygirl is more like a combo of different topics, therefore it is quite interesting to read it, and very easy to get stuck there for half a day, just following links. I can’t really give you my favourite post as there are so many of them. Check it out yourself!

Pinch of Yum (pinchofyum.com) – Food Blog Inspiration.

Blogs That Inspire - Moments of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

Lindsay is great. I remember once I had her blog open for maybe around 10 days. I would not close it. I read everything, looking through every recipe.

This blog is a really different story. You really need to visit it yourself. My personal favorite is “Feeding the Broken Heart Series”, which started from her own story, which made me cry…

A Cup of Jo (cupofjo.com) – Lifestyle Blog Inspiration.

Blogs That Inspire - Moments of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

Another blog which is very pleasant to see. Joanna blogs about everything happening in life of every person. Fashion, cooking, relationship and journeys are on the pages of her journal.

I like it. And I just honestly like to spend an hour there reading the updates and posts that I’ve missed. There are some funny and useful ones like How to Crack an Egg with No Shell.

Travel Blog Inspiration.

There are so many travel blogs out there, maybe that’s why I could not choose one. I am still looking for that perfect travel blog that will catch my attention and will stay on my desktop for ages. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

All of them really inspired me to put a little extra efforts in my blog. Even though I am just learning and trying to write and photograph, I feel like I am becoming more and more interested in where it will take me. 

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