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Bohemian Decor Elements – Going Boho

Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life

So in the last post, I have shared that we decided to go for the bohemian (boho) design in our first nest… Well, mainly focus. But as I said when you are just moving in and you don’t really know where to start it is quite difficult. However, if you just add a few elements – tiny accents, any apartment design might get some bohemian flair and feel. So what would be the first things to start from?

Table cloth. 

Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life

(Hooker Furniture Blog)

Well, in Russia having a table cloth is common. However, now more and more people just use runners. If you are a boho fan, consider switching back to the cloth. Why? Because it is more convenient for use (as I said we are not doing a showroom, but an apartment to live, so it is important it is functional).

The table cloth can bring texture and add colour elements to any scheme and any design and become the first island of boho in your apartment. It is also a thing which does not require a lot of investment and can be used as the first run for your newly planned color design. You can also just replace it any time.

We have been on a hunt for a table cloth for quite a while as we looked for a specific design and colour. Somehow it turned out to be challenging, so during my family visit, I went through old cupboards with my mom and found some of her clothes and took it for a temporary use and basically a trial. So far I am quite happy, especially until we decide on the curtains.


Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life


This is something that many people just ignore and live without it for a while. For me now the challenge is not to choose or select curtains, but actually convince my fiance that they will surely change the ambience and improve the boho feel. So why would you need curtains?

Firstly it is again all about textiles. Curtains will bring in some of it and make it feel more “homey”. They are also a great way to keep your privacy but keep the sunlight coming, which is very important for the places where we are already short of it. As the bohemian designwas referred a lot to gipsy and hippies lifestyle, imagine and thing what comes to your mind. I always see curtains and a little breeze, which makes it look absolutely magical.

I am now in search for my perfect curtains. As it is quite an investment, I am thinking it through quite carefully and being picky while choosing. Sneakpick: we are looking for our perfect green….


Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life

(digs digs)

I think bohemian decor is getting a different meaning for different people. It is not always exactly the same thing, so you might not agree on something with me. However, I will probably still mention – frames are quite an important element. It creates a story in your apartment. If you use family or personal pictures than they tell a story of your life, if you use the city or places photographs than it will surely show your traveller soul (which is again part of bohemian lifestyle). I think you can put literally anything in any kind, shapes, sizes, forms and colors of frames and they will show what’s inside your soul.

And a great benefit is that it will always be a reason for you to smile – remind you of your journeys and discoveries, make you think of days when you felt great and just show you the things you love. The only rule to follow here is the more the better!

I am currently in progress of getting and selecting the best photos ever from my collection, as soon as I have got enough that will be my small DIY project.


Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life

(Magic Dream Life)

Another necessary detail-element of your bohemian decor is plants and greenery. It gives your place a very fresh and homey feeling, which is essential for boho. Scroll through pinterest and you will see that as soon as a place gets greenery (even if there is not that many bohemian elements), it turns real boho.

What’s great about having plants? Remember, they are improving the quality of the air you breathe! They are also pretty good looking and not that expensive. On the downside, they do require some care.

For us the plants will come a little later as we are not too ready yet to have them over, until the finalized concept of the nest comes together. But we are currently on search and starting off with the tiny ones – succulents.


Bohemian Decor Elements - Going Boho | Oh My Simple Life

(Seamese Dream Design)

Oh, that’s important! Pillows – my favourite part not just because they look cool but also because they create that comfort you need on sofas and even floor. They are not just bohemian decor elements but also a necessary things for living.

The great thing about them is that each pillow you can decorate or make in any design, color or shape. You can move them from a place to a place, play around with colors, mix and match or not… Basically do whatever you like.

Same rule applies as with frames! The more the better!

Central piece – lights.

It is always all about a central piece. A lot of things can be your central piece in the apartment – a grand sofa, a huge poster, Marroccan sitting mattress, huge flower, or a light.

We have decided that for us the most important is light, because a lot of things look different with different lighting, the atmosphere can be created or completely ruined just with one lamp. So do make sure you put some thinking into your lights before you get them. My advice – take some time thinking and set aside a relatively high budget for your installation, it should not be a rushed decision.

After a month of search we have selected a light installation for the living room. Guess what? They did not have it available. So we are on a lookout again. I will share with you our journey of looking for a perfect light, when we finally find one!

Antiques or Cultural souvenirs.

Antiques are important. They are storytellers. Every gypsy had a story. Every person had a story. Everything bohemian also has a story. Let your apartment tell your story and you will live there being happier as it will remind you of all times.

Whether it is your grandma’s old chair, or a sofa that has been serving your family for ages, souvenirs you brought from the countries you love or your kid’s drawing – they are all there for you to tell and share your story. Put it out there and it will bring a tiny piece of your soul in your apartment.

So apart from my frames-photo project, we are planning to use the antiques that we have brought from China and the UAE. Our time in those to countries are part of us. The UAE is the place where we met and started, China is the place where we grew and realised we are to be together… Now Russia it is and more decor elements to come.

There are many more bohemian decor elements that are there to help you to create that certain feel you are after. I just shared a few I thought were important and that I work on. So now I just focus on them to make our place to come together. The further we go the more I will share.

Remember, you are always welcome to join our journey!

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