Summer Menu Pizza Marzano – Beijing Eats

One of my to-go places in Beijing is Pizza Marzano (I have mentioned it before), when there is nothing, there is always this small Italian paradise. It is Western, fast and delish, we did not leave dissatisfied once. I have to admit that in this place we always go…

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Decadent Burgers - Home Plate BBQ | Oh My Simple Life

Home Plate BBQ Burgers – Beijing Eats

The choice of brunches in Beijing is incredible and making a right choice becomes very tough. Sometime the process of choosing where to go takes so much time, that it is already official lunch time and you can easily go for burgers. That is exactly what has happened to…

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Teppanyaki - Japanese for Foreigners | Oh My Simple Life

Tairyo Teppanyaki – Beijing Eats

One of the must-have dining experiences in Asia is teppanyaki – a Japanese adapted for foreigners living there. A Chef cooks any of your selection right in front of you – beef, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables. Accompanied with servings of sashimi or sushi, salads and sake it makes a…

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Mercante Italian Paradise - Beijing Eats | Oh My Simple Life

Mercante Italian Paradise – Beijing Eats

Beijing has a lot of hidden gems in terms of dining. One of them is very well hidden in hutongs of Nanluoguxiang – Mercante, a restaurant of Italian cuisine. Here you can get amazing home made meat cuts and cheeses, handmade pasta and freshly cut vegetable salads.    …

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