Mysterious Jogjakarta - Travel Indonesia | Oh My Simple Life

Jogjakarta – Travel Indonesia

When someone says Indonesia the first place that probably comes to your mind is Bali. I have spent a year in Bintan island, which is just as nice as Bali, and managed to travel a little around to find out more about this mysterious country. One of the places…

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Luxurious Abu Dhabi – Travel UAE

All of the Emirates of UAE Abu Dhabi is my favorite one. It is quite, pleasant and clean. Somehow Abu Dhabi attracts much less tourists in comparison to Dubai, but a large number of business travelers. Abu Dhabi has the largest Mosque to show to the visitors, a unique…

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Different Dubai – Travel United Arab Emirates | Oh My Simple Life

Different Dubai – Travel United Arab Emirates

Another place, where I was based in between my China appointments was Ajman of United Arab Emirates, which is a tiny Emirate with nothing to do but the beach. Having Abu Dhabi quite far, Dubai became the destination number one for all free days. Unlike Beijing, I can’t say…

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Chongwenmen Hidden Park - City Gems | Oh My Simple Life

Chongwenmen Hidden Park – Beijing Places

Continuing the section of hidden alleyways, today’s pick is Chongwenmen hutong park (it is actually in between Chongwenmen and Qianmen). It is an old hutong area, which is still being developed into a newer version of a traditional street.  

Parisian Dreams - Throwback to Life in Europe | Oh My Simple Life

Parisian Dreams – Travel France

The longer I stay in Asia, the more I understand that I miss tiny streets, elegant cafes, freshly baked pastries, beautiful places. It is not that Asia does not have them, but they are just different. I visited Paris twice – once in the summer and once in the…

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Visiting Baikal - Freezing Paradise | Oh My Simple Life

Freezing in Baikal Lake – Travel Russia

Baikal is one of a very famous places in Russia, however, abroad not many know about it. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and the biggest fresh water reservoir. Even though I am a Russian, I have only managed to visit this place long after we originally…

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My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

5 Favorite Places on the Earth

I have not travelled as much as other travel bloggers do as I still have a full time jobs. However, when I get a chance to travel, I try to do it. My hotelier career is also a great way to explore.  In this place I have decide to…

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