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After trying the local food experiences like Din Tai Fung, Hai Di Lao and Deyuan Peking Duck it was time to try something else – Yunnan cuisine.

On Wednesday night, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice dinner in a local restaurant. We have decided to visit Dali courtyard. I did not choose the place, it was a surprise for me.


We went to Beixinqiao metro station and then took a Mobike from it as it was faster than walking. It is not a very simple place to find to be honest, that is why I would suggest to check it on maps first and plan how you get there.

Dali Courtyard is located inside the hutong street, very close to Zarah cafe. The restaurant is a discreet hutong that you can’t see from the main street. But you will surely notice the place as it has a small entrance banner with lantern around it.

When you enter, the restaurant does not seem to be an impressive location, however, it feels cozy. You do require reservation, especially when the weather is nice. There are a few tables for couples and also a few larger tables for groups.

When you take a seat, you get the menu to choose drinks, but no food as they have a set dinner for every day. The food is served really fast and efficient – make sure you table is large enough to place it all.

Yunnan cuisine menu.

First they bring some wok fried green vegetables with lemongrass. It is really nice! Even though it was a restaurant of Yunnan cuisine, it tasted like Thai.

The second course was something that I would love the most if there was no chili! Therefore, I would suggest to inform them in advance if you don’t eat spicy food or have allergies. Mushrooms in a banana leave with chili.

After we also got slightly fried bean curd (with reduced amount of chili already).

That was it for starters. However, we did not manage to finish the first course, but they have already started bring in the main course. The first one that was served was broiled broccoli with garlic.

The following was grilled fish with spices – really fresh and nice but too hot for me. However, the part, which was closer to the skin was still fine for me to eat.

After we also got grilled chicken with some seasoning on the side – it was really nice! The chicken meat was very juicy and easy to chew.

And finally, the nicest of all – the prawns were served – very crispy, fresh and the taste was just amazing. I normally am not a big fun of seafood, but I turned down chicken and fish for the entire plate of these.

Unfortunately, as desserts are not the strength of Chinese cuisine, they did not serve it. But that was fine as the dinner was already quite filling.


The seven course dinner menu of Dali courtyard is only RMB 150 per person. Well, it might seem to be a little expensive for Chinese cuisine, but I feel like you pay not only for food but also for the atmosphere.

Keep in mind that the beverage selection is quite limited. If you want to bring in your own beverages, you can do it, but there is a corkage fee of CNY100.

You should keep in mind that service style is also very Chinese – they will try to avoid disturbing you at all.

The place worth a visit as a couple rather than a group. I think the ambiance with the candle setup, music and decorations is suitable for a dinner date.

The next one on the list to visit is TRB – Temple Restaurant Beijing.

What are your favorite dinner places in Beijing? If there any other places where you can have a unique Chinese romantic experience? I have shared a few more locations for a dinner date here.

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