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One of the first restaurant you should visit is Din Tai Fung. It is originally a Taiwanese restaurant, however, it got popular all around China, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

Chinese food
Xiaolongbao, Chinese cuisine in Beijing

When I came to China in 2012, I have not been such a foodie yet, it came to me over time spent in Asia because when you live in China you simply cannot not get addicted to food. And, honestly, no one would ever judge you for it, here you can’t diet and you can’t now eat unlike in other places (but this is a completely different story).

So I kind of tried avoiding Chinese food, so I missed out a lot – not trying hot pot, Chinese dumplings and other amazing things, and now if I encounter a guest or a friend who’s avoiding Chinese, I try to convince them to still taste it.

Xiaolongbao served in Din Tai Fung in Beijing

I remember the first time ever I tried the best Chinese dumpling – Shanghainese Xiao Long Bao. We were visiting Shanghai for a weekend getaway from Beijing. Walking around the city, my Chinese friend went to get a portion of dumplings. They served them in a plastic bag with vinegar and ginger all over. I did not want to try them, I was too scared of street food. She forced me into it and I never forget. It was one of the best food experience ever. Actually, it is not really a dimpling but a steamed bun, which is cooked in bamboo baskets.

The taste of it is something that you will not forget. So you need to pick a piece up with chopsticks and then dip it in the mixture of ginger, vinegar and soya sauce. After, put it inside the spoon, which is provided and gently bite it in the middle. If you eat the entire bun it might just burn your mouth and you might miss on the taste.

So Din Tai Fing is actually the best place to try those dumpings, and also other traditional dishes – noodles, vegetables and rice.

Dip the bun delicately into a mix of ginger, vinegar and soya sauce

The preparation time is around 8+ hours as it requires a lot of mis-en-place before the bun has actually been created. The most common filling you can find would be either pork and shrimp or pork and crab. With the Western influence, you can find more now.

Do not miss out on grabbing a lunch at Din Tai Fung, and you will surely be satisfied.

Would you love to have a bite yet?


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