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Using Mobike – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

One of the things that is currently huge in China is shared bicycle services. Mobike is one of them, it is the most expensive one but also it seems to provide the best quality bicycles. So how to use it and what are the benefits of it?

Mobike Use.

First of all, you either need to download an application or access it through WeChat. To use it you still need to have access to the Wallet in order to pay and place a deposit.
First step is to register by submitting your telephone number and inserting the code. Secondly, you need to submit a deposit of CNY 299.

After that, you need to share you China ID details or submitting pictures of passport and you holding your passport.

30 minutes after they approve the identification. Then you need to submit additional balance for your trips (CNY 10, 20, 50, 100).

When you register you get 100 Mobike credits, that are supposed to be “controllers” of your bike riding behaviour. Everytime you use Mobike you add one additional credit. If you report a bike broken or wrong parking or anything else, you get additional points.

Depending on your credit level, the ride fee is charged.

When the registration process is done, all you need is to scan QR code on any Mobike and start riding.

After you’re done, you just need to get off the bicycle and lock it under the seat. The features of the Mobike app are great – the show distance, time and calories count, so you can track your exercises.

My advice is to explore Beijing with a bike. Stop by and pay attention at small details. Enjoy the great weather and things that you can only find here in China.

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