Foodie Diary Volume 4

As I have lately tried “dieting” I started avoiding eating out during the working days.  But during the weekend we still explore what Beijing can offer us for eating out.  Last week we treated ourselves to street food in Jinan, this week somehow we focused on Asian restaurant dining.

We started our weekend with the homemade butter chicken on Saturday morning but moved on to the restaurant by the afternoon time.

Genki Sushi.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine

If you like sushi or anything of Japanese cuisine the belt sushi restaurant is great. You get options to choose any dishes from the menu to be freshly prepared or you can pick your favorites from the belt.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine

My favorites there are the Smoked Eel Bowl, Baked egg and some sashimis… Sometimes we actually go for some rolls too.

Xiabu Xiabu.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine

I wanted to go for a Xiabu Xiabu since a very long time.Basically, it is just a smaller version of a Hot Pot but Japanese style. It just means that there is less supplements for the soup, a bit less taste and a sauces prepared in advance.

Just like usual, we chose beefballs,  fishballs, some veggies and meats. It is a very fast and convenient way to eat. If you don’t want to pay too much Xiabu Xiabu is a great alternative to a hot pot.


I was on hunt for some Thai food for a couple of months and I finally found a place recommended by the Thai embassy. However, just as I planned to visit them, by accident, there came up another place, called Klerm in Sanlitun.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine, Foodie Diary

Amazing design, very contemporary lighting and decorations make it a really great place for a dinner. The manager there takes care of everything with a real attention to details.

We have ordered Green Chicken Curry, Papaya Salad and Stir-Fried vegetables – all non-spicy as I can’t take anything too spicy. The salad that we have got was spicy. As soon as we informed him it was changed right away.

As for the green curry, we changed the order to yellow as he sugg
ested that the green one was spicy. The food was absolutely delish. The service was great and the drinks – refreshing. Will I go there again? For sure!

Din Tai Fung.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine

I love Din Tai Fung (even though I believe it is better in Singapore/Jakarta), but my AH doesn’t. So getting to Din Tai Fung is a rare treat when we are together. This time we tried to go to SUSU (Vietnamese Pho place) but it was closed so we were headed to the APM. There we decided to go for a dumpling-noodle lunch.

Food, Beijing, China, Asian cuisine, Foodie, Travel, Cuisine

Ordering Xiaolongbao is a must. But also this time we tried another ball of noodles – with deep fried pork steak. Takes Yummi… Not to miss!

As we are planning a trip to Hong Kong as of next week, there will be many more food tasting expecting. Last time in three days I managed to try a lot, this time I will have 9 days, surely I will love it!