7 Reasons for Happiness This Week

For last couple of weeks, I have skipped on posting happiness diary. I think because last couple of weeks were tough – I had to work, then I was sick and also a little bit less motivated. So I didn’t want to make any stories up and I just did not post.  This week I realized that there were a few things that made me really happy and I decided to share them.

Discovering Beijing on Mobike.

I last 5 days I have reached almost 60 km distance that I have covered by a Mobike. I was very happy when I first managed to open and use one of this orange bike. Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang park, Houhai and Hutongs – I have already traveled so many places by a Mobike in just 5 days. As weekend is coming, I am excited to explore even more!

For now, you can just find more on Mobike here and see for yourself why it is my reason for happiness.

Dali Courtyard Dinner and Chocolate night.

On Wednesday night in the middle of the week, we have decided to have a romantic dinner together. After the question about where I wanted to go, I said that I want a surprise. The funniest thing is that since I did not expect a date, I was wearing a really simple sushi shirt and jeans. So I felt a little uncomfortable, but it did not bother me much.

The dinner was an amazing experience and I have found a great place to tell you about one of this days.

After that, instead of going for a dessert, we decided to get a bunch of chocolates in Wumart and have a movie night in. Kinders, Dove Chocolate, Buenos, hot tea, cuddles and a good movie – what else do you need for happiness?

Long weekend.

Last week I had a really long weekend. Since I got sick on Friday I was off all way until Tuesday. First couple of days I spent mostly at home to make sure the headaches go away and after explored Beijing.

China celebrated Qingming festival, which is a huge summer family gathering. For me as a foreigner it was a really great time to just recharge and enjoy warm days of spring outside.

Even though, the air quality was not too good, we managed to spend quite some time outside and enjoy the sun, Mobike and the city.

Russian style breakfast.

Sometimes a really small thing can bring you unexpected happiness.  I have planned for quite a while already to make Russian breakfast. Since it takes some advance preparation and effort I always found an excuse to skip it. I would just always rather go for an English style as it is all a la minute.

This week, I forced myself to wake up early and prepare dough. Then after we did some morning groceries and finished cooking.

This is what we got: fried buns with pork, chicken and onion as well as egg, cucumber and Russian shproty fish sandwiches. Feels like home and makes you happy!

Longer days.

Spring is here and finally the days are longer. It is makes your mood really different, when you come outside to go to work and then home and the sun is out. Even though, many of us consider ourselves as night people, the sun still plays a huge role.

It makes me very happy to walk around for at least 15 minutes in a nice weather with sun out. On top, I can also take Mobike trip back home now as it is not that dark. It only takes me 10 minutes longer but makes me much happier.

Finding blogs.

As I started blogging, I am not also taking time to research blogs, which are similar to mine. Within last two weeks, I have found two blogs that I really liked.  Une Occidentale en China is a blog of a French lady that moved to China a year ago as she married a Chinese guy. Now they are based in Shanghai (previously it was Beijing). She basically posts about daily life in China and her experiences in French.

Another blog is “Living a dream in China” by Sara Jaaksola – a Finnish who is married to a Chinese in Guangzhou. She is sharing advice on life, relationships and language learning in China.

The way they write is very simple and friendly. I relate to their stories a lot when I read. If you want to read their blogs:

Une Occidentale en Chine

Living a Dream in China

My biggest reason for happiness this week (I am also pretty proud) – Oh My Simple Life has been online for a month!

Every time I started an online diary, I never lasted for longer that 3-5 days. This time I hit a mark of one month already with constant posts. As it is just the beginning of my life journey in China, I have a plenty of stories to tell. I will try to keep it up!

Every day you can find something that will make you happy! What did you smile at this week?