7 reasons for happiness this week (Week 2)

Sometimes I feel like my entire week was a failure, I am still thinking about what brought happiness to me.

This week I had few reasons to smile and laugh such as:

Last day in Hong Kong with the visit to Stanley

The last day in Stanley was so great. It was warm and sunny, the seaside was very welcoming. It was an amazingly pleasant to have an ice coffee overlooking the ocean, enjoy the breathe and my favorite person.

Visiting the best candy old-school candy shop

Looks like something that could be found in Harry Potter movies. You can find jellies, chocolates, toffee and many other things. Also, the packaging is so great!

Meeting an amazing lady unexpectedly

When I came back I was told there was a guest who speaks Russian and demands to speak to a Russian-speaking person. So I went to meet her and has a nice talk, after I offered to take her around to the Central Beijing. We spent a whole evening together, chatting, discussing Russia and China and differenced and had much fun.

Trying the biggest ice cream ever

I wanted to go to the place called “Monster Ice Cream”, even though I did not even know what is inside there. But last week it chance came up to try it, and I know believe that it is one of the must do experiences in Beijing. The of the portion of the ice cream is so insane that you can’t even finish half.And the taste is amazing as well….

I got the last season of Games of Thrones 

I have tried to watch the Games of Thrones so many times, but always end up distracted and never finish it. This time I managed to get through to season 5, watch 3 episodes and jumped to season 6. And spending some weekend hours watching it.

Getting a souvenir from Hong Kong Disneyland!

I really wanted to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong, however, weather and time constraints we did not manage to. But my AH decided to cheer me up and brought me a Minnie Mouse with candies!

And the last, but the biggest is we are together again I don’t have to sleep alone and I have someone to wait for in the evening… It is the biggest happiness you can imagine!

What made you smile this week?