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Hilton Wangfujing – Beijing Places

Last weekend was hot, as like extremely hot that I couldn’t stay outside for longer than 30 minutes. As we have also visited most of the surroundings of Beijing, we decided to do another staycation after Hilton Sanyuan. This time we decided to book Hilton Wangfujing as it had a pool and also a special offer.

Arrival and Check in.

We are very “easy” guests to deal with. Normally, we arrive right at the time of check out, we do not complain or request anything crazy. So, we are just pretty happy about anything that we get.

So, we had a brunch in Sanlitun and then decided to take a Mobile ride to Sanlitun as it is the easiest way to get there. After riding 4 km, stopping twice to get water and sweating so badly that my dress was fully wet, we finally made it to Hilton Wangfujing.

All I could dream about was dipping into a pool and chilling. But the check in was insanely long, the cards for deposit were not accepted even though before in another Hilton Sanyuan, they were. Finally, when it was all sorted out, we finally made it to the room.


To our surprise, we got an upgrade from Standard room to a Deluxe. The room appeared to be huuuuuge. I even went on the official website to check what is the space size. 64 sqm  for a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and a mini study. Impressive, huh?

Beijing, China, Hilton Wangfujing, Staycation, Weekend getaway

The hotel is a little old and worn out, surely needs some updates but… The bed was so comfy that after 5 minutes your body feels so comfortable that you pass out right away. The bathtub is great – old school style and very comfortable even for two.

The room has three TVs – in front of the bed, in the study area and in the bathroom. The bathroom one showed everything perfectly, but the sound system didn’t work, so we turned all the sounds off and increase the sound of the TV in the bedroom to be able to hear. Otherwise, the rooms are great.

Swimming pool.

Beijing, China, Hilton Wangfujing, Staycation, Weekend getaway

We were extremely excited about the swimming pool as pictures showed it great. When we came, I was just like “what is that?”. It is small, absolutely not impressive swimming pool. I felt like we were cheated on.

The longer we stayed there, the more impressed I was. We asked if there was a warm pool (jacuzzi) – no, I asked later if there was a sauna – no, we asked if there was anything else at all – no!

The water was cold; we were forced to wear the bathing caps and there was absolutely no fun – no music, no light, nothing! It was the saddest swimming pool I have ever been to, but what to do?

So we stayed for half an hour and then headed out to the room and lunch (City Garden Singaporean late  lunch). We decided to not come back.

Movie night.

We had our lunch at around 4pm so we headed back to watch some movies and chill. As I said the bed was so comfy that in 5 minutes we both just passed out having the first Harry Potter on HBO. We woke up by the end of the second Potter movie… Impressive, right?

Being bored, we decided to go for a massage that we saw on the way a few days ago. After being unable to find it, we just walked around.

As we came back at 11.30, the HBO horror movies time started. Having a bit a hungry feel we order pizza. Instead of promised 30-40 minutes, we got it after 1.20hrs. Having tasted it, we figured it was the frozen pizza from a supermarket. Upsetting, no?

So if you do stay in Hilton Wangfujing, try avoiding dining, especially having APM mall by your side. The price you have to pay in the hotel, surely does not correspond the quality of the product.

However, do visit their breakfast, it has a variety of choices and seems pretty nice. I will share more about breakfast on my weekly food post.

In general, Hilton Wangfujing has left an average feeling. It was not amazing but not too upsetting. Now we know that if it is for a swimming pool, we should actually go for another hotel option. For the room or visitors, Hilton Wangfujing is great. How do you feel about Hilton? What is your favourite hotel?

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