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Hong Kong Food Trip

My first goal of the weekend was to visit Hong Kong. Second – to try Cantonese food. Basically, we focused so much on food that in the end it felt like we didn’t do anything but ate.

Day One: Dim Sum and Vietnamese Pho.

We did not really do much fancy on the breakfast on the first day after I arrived. Basically we just got avocado sandwich with a bit of berries. We saved it for lunch, as the first stop was dim sums and I knew I loved them. When you come to Hong Kong, make sure you stop my a dumpling place.

One of the best is Michelin Star dim sum place, which is quite far out. The Chef there has previously been a Chef for Four Seasons. We didn’t want to spend too much time traveling somewhere unknown. We went into a local restaurant in Causeway Bay.


Ordering xiaolongbao (read more on Xiaolongbao), shrimp siumai and hargau, deep-fried spring rolls and Hainan chicken rice we felt like it was not enough. Additionally, we decided to try steamed radish cake. If traditional foods really impressed me, the radish cake was just not my cup of tea.

Xiaolongbao I will not tell much as there is an entire post on it, which you can read on Xiaolongbao. Therefore, I will move to some other good stuff.

Shrimp and pork siumai.

Siumai is another type of steamed dumplings. Inside there is the most tender chopped pork and shrimp, with a whole shrimp on top. Deep it in soya sauce and happiness is there!

Shrimp hargau.

Steamed dumpling made of rice flour dough is different from others. It is very soft on outside and inside you find a big shrimp. Use some chilli to spicy it up and you’ll never forget the taste.

Spring rolls.

Spring rolls are most commonly filled with shrimps as well. Sometimes another filling is vegetables. But then both are together it is the best combo. It is deep fried therefore it is served with a different sauce. It is a little sweet and a bit spicy at the same time but it refreshes the taste.

Hainan Chicken Rice.

I have heard a lot about it before. I never tried it though. This is another very traditional cantonese food. The chicken is slow cooked for a long time with a special sauce. The Chef combines it together with rice and the taste is priceless. It is very feeling as well.

After having amazing dim sum lunch experience, we walked down to Wan Chai to get a refreshing drink and chill for a bit.


For dinner we have gone to a small Vietnamese restaurant in Kennedy town of Hong Kong. I have to be very frank, the service was not up to standards. However the food was good. We have gone for the main Vietnamese food such as pho soup and egg spring roll.


I loooove noodles! I don’t like pasta but I love noodle and I can eat them every day. First time I have tried pho was not that long ago but it was amazing. Let me start with what who is. It is a beef noodle rice noodle soup. The stock is more often prepared from chicken though, but the main meat for this dish is still beef. The pho Chefs usually would boil stock for a few hours, then add some spices and noodles. Just before being served a Chef would put very thin slices of raw beef on top and serve it. On the side, you normally get a plate with additional condiments such as bean sprouts, lime, cilantro and freshly cut chilli. (I normally skip chilli and add the rest in). Voila, one of the most amazing soups is ready!

Vietnamese egg spring rolls.

The Vietnamese spring rolls are different from the other ones. First of all, the dough is different, it is basically an egg. Veggies inside are still quite raw and fresh. To eat it, you should wrap in a fresh salad leaf and dip it into sauce. And then devour it!

Day Two: Flying Pan, Beef Brisket noodles, HK Eggette.

On the second day we started light with a ball of berries for breakfast to get the second breakfast in Flying Pan.

Flying Pan.

Apparently, it is very well known around Hong Kong. The portions are huge, the place is booming, the service is on spot. For a decent amount, you get a portion of two eggs of any style with any side dishes you like, you get to choose them. Few minutes later, it is all on your table. Please, feel free to consume it all. The only downside is that the breakfast does not include coffee but juice instead. But overall, it is a great place to eat.

HK Eggette. 

After having a breakfast, we went to the Peak. I wanted some ice cream, but instead we got eggettes. It is Hong Kong style egg waffles, which look bubbly. They are not too sweet unlike many desserts, but still quite nice. The egg flavor you almost can’t taste. It is a nice try. Additionally, you can ask for different tastes as well as some toppings. I just tried the classic one.

Beef Brisket Noodles.

 Another local food that surely is a must try is Beef Brisket noodles. The best way to eat it is to have noodles and meat and leave the soup behind. The soup is basically in most of the cases is made of dried soup stock. Usually the Chef would boil it with egg noodles and while serving will ass some brisket slices and spring onions on top.

We had it twice in one day. Firstly, because I liked it. Secondly, because it is night snack too.

Final Day: Difficulties to find a place and egg tart.

In terms of food the final day in Hong Kong was not really exciting. I was already understanding that I had to go back to Beijing and was upset in the first place. We had a breakfast at home with rice noodles, served with fishballs and fish cakes. It was quite nice but also quite unusual.


After we went to Stanley, we were planning to go for dim sum again but were too late. So we decided to walk around, looking for a nice place. Guess what? We couldn’t find anything as it was a bit late for lunch. So in the end, after walking around everywhere, we found ourselves in French American Bistro. We went for their set lunch menu with salmon for AH and duck for me.

I really liked the presentation. Taste wise, I was only impressed with pumpkin puree, which was a garnish for my duck. The vegetable mix of green peas, carrots and bacon for salmon was also quite nice. Nothing too special, but also no disappointment.

Egg Tart.

So apparently, you can’t leave from Hong Kong or Macau without tasting egg tart. It is basically sweet pastry with egg, that is served warm. The consistency is weird. I have to say. Many people were lining up for fresh ones. For me now I can say I’ve done it but probably not again.

Hong Kong food is amazing. I did not get a chance to try much, but I will surely be back for more. I have to say I was very happy with dim sums, brisket noodles and eggettes. Don’t miss a chance to try it!

So until the next time Hong Kong! I really hope to visit Macau, Waterfalls and other important places…

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