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City of Skyscrapers – Travel Hong Kong

Traveling is an important part of my life. I think it is a really great thing sometimes to take a little break during your working month and go somewhere for a little getaway. Last weekend I managed to escape for a couple of days to Hong Kong. From Beijing it only takes 3 hours and you are in a completely different world.

As it was my first visit to Hong Kong I was pleasantly amazed. Skyscrapers, small streets full of people, eateries, restaurants, seashore – all together it seemed to be a great place for me to live in.

Even though I have arrived at night, I still managed to get Airport Express, which is extremely fast and convenient. Having arrived to the Central (Hong Kong Island), we decided to walk around the Central area on Friday night to see how Friday is celebrated. I have been surprised and amazed by how many foreigners were there.

So my first impression of Hong Kong was Lan Kwai Fong, where people celebrated Friday and St. Patrick’s Day. All the streets were packed with people, it was very loud but still seemed friendly. People were all talking, laughing, obviously enjoying their time. I kind of got their energy and enjoyed our little walk through. But as it was late and we had many plans ahead, we went home.

Waking up on Saturday, we found out that the weather was not the best. It was humid and a bit cold, but I did not lose my positivity and energy as I was there to explore and spend quality time with my love.

Day One – Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

On the day one, we have decided to start off my adventure from Star Ferry to go to Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui to take pictures, see the area around, visit Ladies’ Market and Hong Kong Museum.

In comparison to other means of travel, Star Ferry was quite cheap and surely a must-do experience, as you can take pictures, look around and just get a fresh breathe. When we arrived, we just decided to walk around.  Aimlessly walking we have reached the Indian market place Chungking Mansions. There you can get a huge selection of Indian food, copies of branded stuff and just experience “different” Hong Kong. However, if you come from China, do not expect too much as Chinese markets are more impressive.

Following the same road, we have reached the Hong Kong Museum. Normally, if I am on a short-time visit, I would not spend time going to museum as it is time consuming. However, in Hong Kong, this museum surely worth a visit. It has two main sections – folklore and history. Due to the time restraint we have only visited the folklore side. I have to say, it was an interesting journey into the culture. It is not only the pictures and tales, it is also a few mini movies that take you through the time. You feel like you are participating in the events.

After we had a coffee, we have decided to walk for a bit more. We went to the Temple Street, which turned out to be night market. Upset and unfortunate, we kept walking until we reached a day time market in Mong Kok. It is quite interesting as it is an outdoor market, however, it  purely focuses on tourists. Might be a nice place to visit if you are in Kowloon anyways.

Then, we explored Causeway Bay, walking down to Wan Chai. It is great to see a place with so many boards even in the day time. It looked like a movie. The down part was The Pawn cafe, which caters to tourists. The service was not impressive at all, the quality of drinks was also pretty average. Value for money – NO!. So I would not really suggest you to visit this cafe. I mean, you can get inside and take a picture. The Pawn Cafe actually used to be a pawn shop, which was renovated and turned into a cafe.

Day Two – Rainy and Moody

The next day, it was raining and moody. However, we still got outside to experience the heaviest breakfast and overload of cholesterol. We went to Flying Pan – small cafe serving breakfast all day long. According to locals the name comes from the accent as people in Hong Kong and China in general have difficulties pronouncing “r’. The portions are insanely large and it does not affect the taste. WORTH A VISIT!

The afternoon we didn’t really do much except for walking around and exploring malls. Bookstore were quite disappointing! We also went to one of the residential area (as it was where we stayed) and walked around there Cyberport.

After all, in the afternoon we have decided to take a bus ride up to the Peak to experience Hong Kong narrow roads and see what’s up there. It could be more impressive if the weather was better. But still being a Siberian kid, this is an entirely new scenery for me.

In the evening we decided to travel around with a double-decker tram from Central – Lan Kwai Fong to Causeway then walking from there all way down to Wan Chai and then back to Causeway Bay. As it was Sunday most of the bars and lounges closed down earlier. Remarkably, in one of the bars in the main road there was a dancer, who looked like either Philippino or Indonesian. He attracted the attention of everyone and made them stop to watch him.

We couldn’t find a nice place as in fancy hotel lounges I probably wouldn’t pass the dress code and casual places were closed, we just walked. I have to say, I really liked the tram (except for the fact that you always need to have some coins on you), it is fast enough, it is cheap and very unique.

Wan Chai in the evening is a funny place to visit. You see mamas sitting around and lots of guys looking for a hook up. It is a place to take silly pictures with the view of lights and banners.

As always, we needed to get a midnight snack, which appeared to be a challenge to get in Hong Kong. We walked in Wan Chai contemplating to go to Mc’Donalds but it seemed stupid so we ended up in a local eatery with beef brisket noodles, which is nice to try while you are there.

Day Three – Visiting Paradise

On the last day, the weather was really great, just to make me really sad to leave such an amazing place. So we decided to explore Stanley, which is a great place on a sunny day. We walked around the market, went to the seaside, walked around the area, had a coffee and headed back to the Central for a lunch and a walk around before leaving.

Last stop was Man Mo Temple in the Central. It is extremely smokey but really beautiful inside. What’s really unusual is that you can take pictures inside.

Overall, three days were too short and also the weather could have been nicer, but I fell in love with the city. It is really amazing and worth a visit. As for my foodie experience, I will have a food post on it as we ate a lot!

Next time I still have other places on my list that I’d love to visit: Macau, Waterfalls, Noonday gun and others.


Have you ever been to Hong Kong and what do you think about it? Would you like to visit it?

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