Horse racing in the Hong Kong Jockey Club

So finally you reached Hong Kong and you are planning to spend the whole week there, well in that case, you should leave your Wednesday evening out for a Horse Racing experience. I just managed to attend the last race of the season and I can tell you it is something quite interesting.

Horse racing in Hong Kong | Oh My Simple LIfe

Lesson 1.

First of all, many of people actually dress up to go there. For me, the suggestion was to wear a dress. So there I was in a long dress in the heat of the summer, suffering to get around as it was packed. So, first thing ladies – wear something cute for pictures but comfortable to survive through 3 hours.

Lesson 2.

The best place to watch horse racing is from the restaurant / bar next to the entrance as it gives you the best view and base for pictures. Plus, you can always get a loaded hot dog, which tastes heavenly or a can of coke.

Horse Racing in Hong Kong JC | Oh My Simple Life

Lesson 3.

If you came just to watch it, probably you would not be having as much fun as if you were betting. Spice it up a little bit and bet a minimum amount, who knows maybe you are going to get lucky!

Lesson 4.

Avoid getting there just before races and leaving after the last one, you will be annoyed as the place is packed – getting on public transport you will not even see as an option.

Horse Racing in Hong Kong JC | Oh My Simple Life

Lesson 5.

Watch it and enjoy! Do not get distracted watching how locals just use this place as “get together” and not really paying attention to actual races. For me it was a new and unique experience, which I really loved.

Have fun!