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Visiting a Hospital – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

Dealing with getting sick in China is a very challenging topic. In my last 8 months of staying in Beijing, I got sick twice. Both of the times I went to see a doctor in a higher class hospital. However, it was still a disappointment. You should be ready to deal with it, when you move to China.


The first thing that you would normally do is to go to pharmacy to get a medicine. A few years ago that’s what I did. I had gone to a pharmacy and had shown that I coughed and got an amazing syrop. Two days after everything was completely gone.

This time it took us 1 hour to find a pharmacy around our area.When we finally found it, instead of medicine, I got a tea. As tea is considered the best medicine here, so the lady did not want to give me anything else.

Coming back home, I have tried this tea. The taste basically just resembled the dried grass.


Finding a hospital in Beijing turned out to be challenging. There are two quite well known hospitals among foreigners – Raffles and Beijing United Family Hospital. The visit in those hospitals costs around CNY1500. The Raffles Hospital you can find in Liangmaqiao. The Beijing United Family Hospital is in Lido area, which is quite far, but also has some central locations.

As I needed to go for something more affordable and closer to my office, I have found Xie He Hospital. if you look for it the English name is Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH). You can find an international division there. You should expect to pay around CNY 600+ to register and see the doctor. Another time I went for a routine check at the gyn, which costed me around RMB 2400.

They hand you a card and a visitor number. The average waiting time for a doctor is around one hour. The doctors are able to speak English. After they conduct a primary check they suggest if in their opinion you require any further examinations.

Pharmacy medicines and hospital pharmacy medicines are different. If you are really sick, you should go for it. Check with the company, which is your employer, which hospital they suggest so that your insurance covers all bills. If it is a local hospital, request a colleague or a friend to go with you. If it is a foreign hospital, you will be fine by yourself

Vitamins to prevent getting sick.

Otherwise, I would suggest trying your best to prevent getting very sick. Hospitals in China seems like you have a higher risk to get more viruses rather then proper treatment.

Take care!


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