Five Most Memorable Hotelier Experiences

I have already wrote about 10 things I love about Working in Hospitality before, but this time I would like to share my most memorable hotelier experiences. Something that actually happened before is always a better example to express my passion.

Indonesian Wildlife.

In 2014 I took up a job in Indonesia. However, I decided to avoid being mainstream and instead of going to places like Jakarta or Bali, I went to Bintan. Just for you to relate, it is an island, which is located 45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry. This is a paradise for couple or for individuals who seek total relaxation and recharge. The island had nothing but a few resorts, golf areas and a small town-village one hour away drive from the hotel area.

It is amazingly beautiful place. The beach, jungles, island hills – these all creates a great feeling when you come for a vacation there.

But when you live in THE MIDDLE OF THE JUNGLE, it is different.  On the first  I have heard my friend screaming (she got an apartment next door). When I came over, we saw a huge centipede on the ceiling. She could not sleep after.

As there was not much to do, sometimes on our days off we would just sit outside and chat. At some point our only entertainment was watching monkeys. Well, that was fun until a certain moment, when they entered breeding period and became dangerous.

The most memorable experience was a monkey attack. I was about to take a bus and the ALFA monkey decided to attack me. Getting my brave self together, I still tried to come outside and get to the bus. The Director of Security heard me screaming and came to save me. I survived.

Otherwise, every day we had plenty of these experiences with snakes, insects and other wildlife members.

 The Lady.

My very first working experience was an internship in one of the most beautiful hotels in Switzerland. As it was the beginning of my career I worked in the rooms service.

As I said before, in hotels, every single day is different, however, there I had one same duty every day – making sure The Lady was happy.

Our hotel had a very important person staying with us. She rented presidential suite and lived there for 11 years. For the last 3 years, she has never left her room.

The Lady was the greatest woman of 89 years, who took time to put make up and take care of her hair every day. She would have the same breakfast each and every day at 10:30 am – 11 strawberries, 8 blueberries and 10 raspberries, some toasted bread and coffee.

In the evening she would also have a dinner to be served. Whenever we were less busy, I would stay with her for a little chat as she needed someone to talk to.

She was originally American but spent a lot of the time in England. She told me stories about the Plaza, Empire State building, her life in England and travels. Her life story was so impressive that sometimes you would not want to leave but listen.

She was one of the first people who made me understand that hospitality and guest communication is something I love and enjoy. It has been almost 6 years since I last saw her but the impression is still with me.

Gold payment.

Have you ever seen someone paying with actual ingots of gold? Oh I did! It also was in Switzerland, when I had this hotelier experience.

We had a family from one of the Arabic countries staying with us. They stayed for around 3 weeks occupying an entire floor (presidential suite and other rooms). They had insane Food and Beverage consumption, SPA treatments and in general just made the best out of their trip.  On the day of check out, due to some bank issues, they could not pay.

So instead of using money or a card, they have taken out gold ingots and paid using them (well they left it as a deposit to settle the bill later). But have you ever seen something like that? That is something that impresses.

Room filled with …!

When I just started working in Beijing, at some point I had to go through a departmental training. Housekeeping was a part of it. I actually went around rooms to check the cleanliness.

Before we went to one of the rooms, my coach told me  to prepare to see something extremely cute. When I entered that place I was deeply impressed – the entire room was filled with fluffy pandas. They were literally everywhere.

For the person who loves pandas, it was the most memorable out of my hotelier experience.

African Event.

This experience made me proud and excited. I have worked to organize an event for the African community. 1000 people was expected to join and participate – all from African countries.

The preparation for the event took some time as organization for many companies and embassies takes a lot of effort. But the result was worthy. Everyone came with their National costumes of different colors. Entertainment was entirely provided by country representatives. The event vibe was so great that all I wanted was to join them in their dancing and enjoyment.

It again reminded me why it is so great to be a hotelier.

How would you love working in hotels? Do these hotelier experiences drive you and motivate you?