10 Things I Love About Working in Hotels

Working in hotels or in hospitality in general is not always easy. Actually, 70% of time it is challenging and you just want to give up. However, there are also many perks that come along with hospitality jobs and make you ADDICTED. My working experience in hotels is around 4 years by now, which is not much but there are already things that I found out I love.

Travel opportunities.

Working in hotels gives you a huge range of locations for jobs. If you can speak English and your native language you are eligible to go. If you speak more than two languages you are highly appreciated.

In my four years of working experience I have worked in four countries – Switzerland, China, Indonesia and the UAE (I am back to China again after a break). Traveling and living in places are completely different I have to say. When working in hospitality you get a chance to work in a foreign country, you gain valuable experience. You learn a lot about culture and life, gain some basic understanding of language and get a completely different vision.

After your travel and work abroad you come back with a certain “baggage” that makes you look at things differently.

If you are extremely lucky and you choose to work in a place like Indonesia, Maldives or Thailand, you can get this office view as a bonus.

Meeting people.

Working in hotels, you meet people every day – hoteliers, clients, suppliers and guests. Our job is a lot about talking and making people talk. Sometimes, you get them to tell you stories of their lives and most of the times it is really interesting.

Also, for yourself you pick up a lot of useful information about customs, life and routine of people from different countries. Out of latest, I have met a person who traveled half of the world fifty years ago by an army ship. Oh, he has stories to tell!

Sometimes, you meet families with great kids. Once I met a single mom traveling with her son, who did not really speak yet but knew every single car brand.

Every day in hotels you come across someone, who makes you smile!

Becoming foodie.

When you start working in hotels, even if you don’t work in a restaurant, you still become more curious about food. You see the variety what your hotel offers, but then you go around and see what is out there to know.

In my university years and early internships, I used to be very conservative about my food choices. I would not try anything special except for Western cuisine.

The more my foreign experience grew, the more accustomed I become to various cuisines. Dining is now part of our life. We just have to do it to indulge, to know and to compare. Working in hotels makes that essential for you.

Passion for experiences.

Along with passion for food you get passion for experiences. When you work in any hotel anywhere in the world in almost all departments, you constantly find yourself engaging in a conversation with people. The ability of “small talk” entirely depends on your product knowledge, familiarity with surroundings and ability of presenting interesting experiences.

In order to be able to do that, you cannot just read online about it (even though it might be helpful), you should better explore and experience yourself.

After you experience something, it is not only your words but also emotions and eye light that creates a picture for your conversation.

Firstly, it is just a part of the job, but after some time you, it become essential part of your day, especially weekend. Now if, for whatever reason, I need to stay at home, after 3-4 hours I get annoyed as I don’t get my share of experience. I need to go out, I need to explore, I need to develop and learn.

Active lifestyle.

Most of the hospitality jobs (except for reservations and maybe finance) require a lot of moving around. In restaurants you run around, in front of house you always walk in between all facilities with guests, in Sales you go around the city to meet clients etc. The list of activities is long.

In the end of the day, you only spend a small share of your time in the office, attached to a computer and telephone.

You don’t really get bored, there is always somewhere to go when you work in hotels.

No day is the same.

Working with people always means it is not going to be stable. Hotels are all about people. When you wake up in the morning, you might know what your plan for the day is, but you never know where it is going to be changed.

You surely don’t know what interesting people you will meet today and what stories they will tell you. You do not know if suddenly someone extremely important will be passing by your hotel and decide to dine in. There are many things in the hotels that can go in a different way than expected or wrong. You learn how to find solutions, react fast and think out of box.

That all means, you never get bored.


Apart from getting a benefit of travel opportunities, you also get a variety of job choices. As all hotels consist of a variety of departments and sections, if you get tired of one or feel like a big change you can always just give it a try in another department and see what you are capable of. So far, I have been in Food & Beverage department, Sales and Events. As my strength is the guest communication and attention in details, I can see myself the best in the Guest Relations / Guest Services in the future.

When working in hotels, you get plenty of chances to move around and discover you strength, passions and wants.


Hotel employees get some really good benefits from working. One of the greatest is special offers for vacations. You can get amazing hotel deals being an employee at amazing rates (sometimes even complimentary, depending on the company).

Additionally, in most of the cases you get up to 50% discounts in the chains where you work. On a certain level you get to live in hotel, dine in hotel and just experience really luxurious lifestyle.

Discipline and training.

This is something really important for your career. You really get well trained on how to always look good and dress well. It is essential when you work with guests to represent your company that you are requested to look good. For instance, in one of the companies where I worked we actually had make up training to make sure the team members look stunning.

When working with clients or guests, you learn to speak really selectively and correctly. Communication wise you get really well trained. Therefore, at the moment when you decide to take a move to another area, there are plenty of choices out there.  This is just because you hotel experience well prepared you for that.

Life perspective.

Taking in consideration all previous things I mentioned before, you start looking at things differently. I feel like, you become a more intelligent person. I would say you also become more grateful for what you have.

As your cultural and knowledge background enlarge you look at many things differently and become more understanding.

Like all other people I do complaint, sometimes I might not feel happy, but in the end, I am quite happy working in hotels. I feel like I will never be able to give up this area and keep my travel up.

How do you feel about working in hotels and hospitality? Would you be attracted to such a lifestyle?