How I Ended Up In China?

My current adventure is my Chinese living. I am based in Beijing and working for one of the fanciest hotels here. However, it is not my first visit and not my first experience of living and working here.

My China life story starts back in February 2012, when I was standing on a balcony of my university in Europe and telling my Singaporean friend: “Me? Going to China? Haha it is never happening!”. I planned to go to Canada. A week later signed a contract with a Chinese hotel property and waited until I relocated.

Books, forums and other resources can’t get you prepared, believe me… You come to China and you deal with it here.

My very first experience was when I went to get a yogurt from a supermarket on the day of my arrival. I wore flip flops and walked down the street. All I’ve seen was something flying, all I’ve heard was a spitting sound. I connected the dots – “Welcome to China”.

After that I had some tough time and at the same time some fun times and eventually I fell in love. I fell in love with China. I got caught by the lanterns, red lights, soft and cold silk… I fell for the little Hutong streets, fast and reckless rickshaws and this complicated language.

That year of walking, exploring, travelling and learning was the greatest experience I’ve had. And ever since I left I wanted to come back. Luckily, last year my boyfriend got a job in Beijing and we decided to relocate.

6 long months and I got my working permit. Here I am again, exploring, walking, eating and travelling. For all the lovers of hot pot & dumplings, cultural attractions and history and explorers, I have shared my adventures in China section. Please, follow it and you will get to know me, my life in China and ravels around here!