InstaFood Inspiration – #chocolate

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life

Continuing the InstaFood Inspiration series. This time my hashtag of the week was chocolate. Have you ever seen a movie with Johnny Depp called “Chocolate”? If you haven’t then you certainly should. Because then you would probably understand why sometimes I suddenly have such a huge chocolate craving.

This week I got it again so it led me to explore Insta desserts posted with #chocolate.

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life


The picture is very Godiva, however this Instapage has so much more to offer to be honest. I ended up there just by chance and believe me in China it takes a lot of effort to search and look through Insta. But my waiting did not disappoint me. This account certainly was worthy.

It is not only about chocolate but most of it surely is. My eyes were caught by Twix spread, some macaroons and surely chocolate cakes.

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life


I am lately so much in love with HK egg waffles, especially when they are covered by a bunch of chocolates. so this picture caught my attention right away. But apart from that you can find so many carbs overloaded dishes that you can’t even imagine…. Surely worth your time, foodies!

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life


OMG! Surely crazy! Chocolate eclairs are love… They are so amazing that you just reject any other thoughts and run for it… I can’t miss it!

As for the pick of this week, I have chosen a few things that I wish I had with me right now.

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life

This coffee-chocolate ice cream by @paradis_monrovia – even though the hot season in Beijing is almost gone, it is never too late for an ice cream and this one looks great!

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life

Pink chocolate fondant by @tomokohatake is surely something I have not yet tried, but would not mind to. You can’t imagine how many of fondants I had in a year I spent in China in the Union Grill (closed autumn 2016), but I never got enough.

InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life

I always write in the morning.. For me it is surely that time of the day when I need coffee. This cup of chocolate frosted coffee by @nellyprat is to kill for… Right at this moment (just like any other) I envy her…

What is your favourite dessert and what #hashtag should I check out next week? I would love to hear from you!

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