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Job Hunt – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

In general finding job in China is not an easy thing, however it is still possible. Well, maybe even easier than in some other Asian countries. The challenging part is getting the working permit paperwork process done.

Well, obviously, the best way is a personal recommendation. If you know someone working in China, you should contact them to see if there is any chance they could give you advice or help you. Otherwise, there are always online tools and applications.


Last summer Linkedin in Russia got blocked so it is quite challenging to use it from Russia to find a job abroad. However, honestly speaking, I still use Linkedin jobs and network as the it is convenient and easy.

First of all, I normally check what is out there for me. After I find positions I am interested in, I normally list them and apply online as required. However, I also do another step – I find an HR person or a HOD and also send direct email-acknowledgement about my interest in the position.

Normally, this way you get a higher chance for a response as it is more personal.


Another website that constantly posts jobs in China is Glassdoor. This website really makes finding job easier as they normally also provide you with contact details. Just type in the position you are interested in and location.

After that with the help of Linkedin you can do the same follow up as for Linkedin application by sending a direct email.


Another way is to download WeChat and start following official pages of companies you are interested in as they do post jobs sometimes and also share their insight.

Company based in your country.

Finding a job in a local company requires you to not just speak fluent Chinese but also be familiar with business culture. Thus, you ideally you need to have a prior experience of dealing with Chinese. Therefore, as the first step I would recommend to try finding a job in a company that is based in your country but has offices in China. This way it simplifies the working visa process and give you higher chances for the employment.

Myself, I work in an international hotel brand. As I speak a couple of languages and have a major in hospitality, I am considered suitable for international company expatiate employee.

Skills required for employment in China.

As China is number one country in terms of population size, the foreign work force is not very welcome. While hiring you the company has to explain to the government and explain why hiring you is better than hiring a local person.

First step is fulfilling the requirements such as having a Bachelor Degree in the area you apply for (the higher you degree is the more chances you have). The next one is at least 2 years of working experience in your industry in internationally recognized companies. If you don’t have that, the companies will not even set interviews with you.

Knowledge of foreign languages is also always counted as an advantage. Prior international exposure plays a huge role for the government. All of those you employer can use in order to prove why a foreigner like you should be hired.

After that depending on your status and position you can get an employment contract for 2-5 years.

For graduating students.

Sometimes, there is a way around. Obviously as a just graduating student you don’t have experience that the Chinese government will accept. However, there is still a way how to get to China.

My first employment in China was a management training – cross departmental exposure.

Foreign companies in China offer a lot of training programs. In hotels they are called management training programs for students for 6-12 months. Basically, for this all you need is to prove that you are just graduating from an internationally recognized university. In this case, the trainees are offered business visa F for 6-12 months. And after that you might be offered a full-time employment.

Nowadays, the government puts in place a system that simplifies foreign employment in China. However, I have not seen many people coming in yet with the simplified employment.

If you need more advice on jobs in hotels in China, please contact me through contact form and I will be happy to get in touch!

How do you look for jobs abroad? What are the tools that help you?

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