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Marriage Documents – Moving to Moscow

Marriage Documents - Moving to Moscow | Oh My Simple Life

When you have applied for the invitation to Russia and waiting to get it to apply for visa it is time to get some documents required for the marriage as a foreign citizen.

Documents Required.

In Moscow there is only one place where you can apply for the marriage with a foreign citizen – it is Marriage Palace No. 4 (Дворец Бракосочетаний № 4). The documents that you need to submit to apply for marriage are as following:

  • Passport copy (notarized copy of passport translated to English and after notarized);
  • Written application form;
  • Civil status certificate (absence of marriage certificate), translated into Russian and notarized;
  • Russian visa (copy of the page in passport)
  • The payment receipt
  • Registration certificate

Absence of Marriage certificate.

So as you might still not be in Russia, just make sure in advance you have the absence of marriage certificate available in advance as it takes time to obtain it.  Make sure you have an apostille on it (the one which is issued especially for Russia), or an official stamp by the Ministry of Foreign Affaires (for countries where the Hague agreement does not work), that it is valid for other countries (Russia, in my case).

When you have the certificate and passport / visa copy you can submit it altogether to a lawyer office for translation and official stamp. Make sure that the documents are translated properly for the section like place of birth, place of origin and nationality sections.

Application form and Governmental fee.

The application form was filled in directly at the marriage registry, all we needed to do is sign the documents.

Finally, you’ll need to visit the bank and pay around RMB 35 (RUB 350), and bring the receipt over to submit with the rest of the documents.

After that all you have to do is submit the documents, select date and time, and just wait until that comes (around 31 day). But do not relax, as during this month if you are planning to apply for Russian living permit (temporary residence permit – TRP), you will need to work on other paperwork and your Russian skills. If you are interested in it, follow me to see my next post about preparation for TRP application.

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