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Night Ride in Gulou – Beijing Places

China, Beijing, Travel, Night, Expat Life, Gulou

At night many cities look different than in the daylight. Beijing is one of them. If you explore it by night, in the morning it will seem to be a different place. Probably, you will not even recognise it. Now during the summer time as it is too hot for outdoor activities in the day time, night is a perfect time for discoveries. That is why I go for my night ride. 

Where to go?

There are a few ways which the websites like Timeout Beijing propose, however, for me the best is just follow your heart and the road. Last weekend I found myself going from Puhuangyu all way up to Beixinqiao, entering Gulou area and following it all way to the lakes.

China, Beijing, Travel, Night, Expat Life, Gulou, Night Ride

From there I found another road which went pass Qianhai, Jianshan Park, followed by the Forbidden City and Wangfujing. I even managed to piss a guard off, driving in the opposite direction (only because my GPS screwed up).

What to see?

Believe me, seeing lakes at night is a completely different experience. It is so much prettier than in the afternoon when it seems sketchy and overcrowded.

China, Beijing, Travel, Night, Expat Life, Gulou, Night Ride

In the day time it is very easy to skip on some interesting places as they just in line with other. But at night they stand out with lights.

China, Beijing, Travel, Night, Expat Life, Gulou

The main attractions – The Bell Tower, The Drum Tower, Jingshan Park, the Forbidden City look very different. I could not show it with a picture, I believe it is rather to see in person.

Benefits of night ride.

China, Beijing, Travel, Night, Expat Life, Gulou

First of all, and utmost important – it is way less bicycles and people on the streets, so you do get to explore in your own timely manner. In the afternoon, you will be rather in hurry.

Secondly, the evening air is different. It is much easier to breathe. It is great to simplify falling asleep. Finally it is entertaining to see Beijing in different colors.

Do you like night cities? would you like to embark on a night ride?

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