Five Latest Obsessions in China: What’s Hot

People in China are highly driven by trends. When something new is introduced they all easily go for it. The rest who were not convinced in the first place, still join quite fast after. That create on obsession towards something. What’s hot now? Let’s see.

Mobike (and others like Ofo, Blue Gogo). 

I have already mentioned it at least a couple of times. I believe it is one of the greatest things so far, which was created in China. The main purpose of it was to reduce the number of cars and buses when they introduced it. However, plenty of cars are still out there, buses are still running, metro is still full. However, personally for me, I can say that now I am spending nothing at all on taxis in comparison to my previous stay in China. All is because I can just take Mobike and drop it anywhere.

I win a few things – I can easily go anywhere, it is fast (I skip traffic) and it is cheap (plus a bit of exercise is always good too!).Well, seems like I do understand why it went so viral….

However, unless you come to Beijing and you see it for yourself you probably will not understand how huge it is. It blocks all roads. Each weekend all the parking zone, pedestrian alleys and just surroundings of shopping malls are packed with colorful bikes. It is so popular nowadays that instead of helping Beijing, it actually puts more challenges to deal with for the government.

Fur rabbits (balls, owls etc).

Some time ago one of Asian designers has introduced the fur rabbit key chains. It turned out that they were made from real fur. That turned half of the world against buying it. Everywhere, except for China. Now when you go outside, you see every second female having a rabbit attached to her bag or phone.

Many of the rabbits in China are made of faux fur. Those are the ones, which you can buy in the street or markets for RMB20. However, in some shopping malls (Solana and Tai Koo Li) I saw real ones, which cost more that RMB1000. I saw a few people getting those. This is something crazy for me! But for China it is part of a fashionable trend – obsession.

Aerial Exercises.

Before I came to China, I though it would be very easy to find yoga classes. Guess what? Turned out to be very difficult. However, during my search I found so many places like fitness clubs, health centers and dancing schools offering aerial.

Yoga, work outs, stretching and acrobatics – all types of it! Many Chinese young ladies are very attracted and getting a reservation is quite challenging. How is that for one of the obsessions?

Bakeries and pastry shops. 

Four years ago, finding a bakery in Beijing was a challenge. I considered myself very lucky to work and live in Kempinski Hotel BLC, where we had Kempi Deli. At that time it was the best pastry shop. Now it has so much competition.

So China lately has come up with Chinese style bakeries like Holiland (existed for long, but now trending), Wedome, Bread Talk, 85C Bakery and others. At the same time, there are European style places like Baker and Spice, Paris Baguette and others. In these places you can buy normal bread like baguette and foccacia, as well as sandwiches and brioches.

So it became quite common to see people coming to their offices or having lunch in the streets with baked goods. Even myself now, most of the mornings I stop by a bakery by my office to get something for breakfast. Many times in the evening I just walk away from bakeries because they are packed with people buying pastries for home.


Well, I do understand it is convenient! But when you take a metro in the morning and every single both men and women are all wearing backpacks it seems insane.The train seems to be more full that it actually is.

I mean, some people in other countries also think it is pretty good to have a backpack but here in China it is normal to use it for any occasion. Whether they are traveling, going to work, going for a walk, dinner date – always backpack!

So the most common thing you see in Beijing is a Chinese lady with a backpack and a rabbit attached to it on a Mobike.

What special have you noticed about China? Are there any other obsessions you could mention? Share with me.