Packing for Hong Kong Vacation

Hong Kong, Vacation, Travel, Packing, Adventure

Before every trip there is a great excitement. Some people pack in advance, some very last minute but everyone is trying to take up the most needed things. My next trip to Hong Kong is planned for 9 days, which means I need to pack quite a bit of stuff but at the same time, I do not want to take too many things with me. My main preparation goes into three sections – beach, clothing and electronics.


Hong Kong, Vacation, Travel, Packing, Adventure

What do I pack for a beach days of the trip? Surely, it all starts with the bikini. My absolute favorites are simple ones – either one color or striped. Sometimes, I might go for something a bit more bring, but most the time simplicity works before me.

As I grew up in Siberia, I am very sensitive to sun, therefore, I always pack sunglasses and a baseball hat, which protects my eyes, head and face at the same time. It is a must have for me, and for everyone I believe.

I also take a waterproof photo camera with me as I can get some great pictures under water if it is clean. This camera I haven’t check out yet, but will do this time during the Hong Kong Vacation.

Finally, times to times it is quite boring and apart from nap, you need to do something, having a book in your beach bag is a great idea. Especially, if your better half prefers to sleep on the beach.

I have also ordered on Taobao some of the swimming toys – donut and pretzel, which will be a great supplement for a beach day.

Electronics and cameras.

Hong Kong, Vacation, Travel, Packing, Adventure

I am crazy about cameras, even though my photo game is not yet high up there. So I am always taking my main favorite Canon camera with me, which is quite old already, but who cares. It is Canon EOS 650D…

For the better night photos and maybe also couple pics, I need to have my camera stand with me, otherwise, no pictures together can be done. Hong Kong is a place that lives at night, so shorter speed pictures is a must and you can’t have them with no stand.

To keep up with my blog, but not take up too much space, instead of my laptop, I am taking my IPad. Even on vacation, there are things I’d like to keep up with. Especially considering that Internet on that side of the world is much better!

As I said, my newest pick is my waterproof camera for beach days. As it is running on batteries, I’m taking some spare ones with me to make sure, I am always ready. As new Despicable Me is coming out soon, they are with Minions.

Finally, as I take many pictures with my phone, I can’t skip on having a power bank. It saved me so many times, and I know that in the future it will save me even more.


Hong Kong, Vacation, Travel, Packing, Adventure

I used to take so much clothes with me before to then find out that I don’t even need it. Lately, I am trying to cut it to the smallest possible number of items.

My style is very simple. I do not like to wear fancy stuff; therefore, I take couple of polos and shirts, shorts and a skirt for my active days. I do normally take a dress as sometimes you might end up having a fancy evening out.

My must have for a trip is a jeans jacket sport shoes. This is ultimate must have for every day of my active holidays and it can go well with almost everything.

Do not forget a small jacket as aircons are extremely cold in Hong Kong!

Well, my dad always tells me that packing does not have to be careful as long as you take your passport and a credit card. Just make sure you have all of your documents, credit cards and money and a good mood in search of adventure and you will have the best holiday.

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