Peking Opera - Exploring Beijing | Oh My Simple Life

Liyuan Theatre Peking Opera – Beijing Places

Everyone know Peking Opera as something really strange. Yes, that’s true… Have to be honest there. Not everyone is going to like it. Not everyone is going to appreciate it. But everyone should definitely try to experience it. Anyways, what can be scarier that experiencing Wangfujing food street, right?…

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InstaFood Inspiration - #chocolate | Oh My Simple Life

InstaFood Inspiration – #chocolate

Continuing the InstaFood Inspiration series. This time my hashtag of the week was chocolate. Have you ever seen a movie with Johnny Depp called “Chocolate”? If you haven’t then you certainly should. Because then you would probably understand why sometimes I suddenly have such a huge chocolate craving. This…

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Pottery Class - Lazy Weekends | Oh My Simple Life

Pottery Class – Beijing Places

I have always wanted to try doing a pottery class. In all movies it seemed to be a very relaxing and romantic thing to do. So finally, being off together after a heavy burger lunch we have decided it to try the pottery class. As everyone knows in Beijing…

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InstaFood - Weekly Source of Inspiration | Oh My Simple Life

InstaFood Inspiration

Lately I realized that Instagram for me now is not a way of following my friends’ lives but more like source of inspiration. It is getting more and more filled with business accounts. As my biggest passion is food, it is now for me the best way to follow…

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Decadent Burgers - Home Plate BBQ | Oh My Simple Life

Home Plate BBQ Burgers – Beijing Eats

The choice of brunches in Beijing is incredible and making a right choice becomes very tough. Sometime the process of choosing where to go takes so much time, that it is already official lunch time and you can easily go for burgers. That is exactly what has happened to…

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Chongwenmen Hidden Park - City Gems | Oh My Simple Life

Chongwenmen Hidden Park – Beijing Places

Continuing the section of hidden alleyways, today’s pick is Chongwenmen hutong park (it is actually in between Chongwenmen and Qianmen). It is an old hutong area, which is still being developed into a newer version of a traditional street.  

The Summer Palace - Exploring Beijing | Oh My Simple Life

The Summer Palace – Beijing Places

One of the nicest places in Beijing to visit is the Summer Palace. It is a little bit out of the city but totally worth a visit. The best is to visit it during the working week as during the weekend it is packed. It is a beautiful park…

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Teppanyaki - Japanese for Foreigners | Oh My Simple Life

Tairyo Teppanyaki – Beijing Eats

One of the must-have dining experiences in Asia is teppanyaki – a Japanese adapted for foreigners living there. A Chef cooks any of your selection right in front of you – beef, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables. Accompanied with servings of sashimi or sushi, salads and sake it makes a…

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