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5 Favorite Places on the Earth

I have not travelled as much as other travel bloggers do as I still have a full time jobs. However, when I get a chance to travel, I try to do it. My hotelier career is also a great way to explore.  In this place I have decide to…

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Packing for Hong Kong Vacation

Before every trip there is a great excitement. Some people pack in advance, some very last minute but everyone is trying to take up the most needed things. My next trip to Hong Kong is planned for 9 days, which means I need to pack quite a bit of…

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Hong Kong Vacation Bucket List

Vacation is always exciting. Many people plan everything with attention to a detail, but some just let it flow… I am kind of in between, I like to know what I’d like to see, visit and eat, but now really plan to a minute. As I have previously visited…

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Klerm Stylish Thai – Beijing Eats

I was on a look out for Thai food for quite a while, but as there is not many options, I kept going elsewhere. But suddenly TimeOut Beijing announces re-opening of a Thai restaurant in Sanlitun’s Taikooli. Amazing design, very contemporary lighting and decorations make it a really great…

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National Art Museum – Beijing Places

When it is too hot and you can only beat 20 minutes outside, it is time to think about indoor activities. Also, after travels (Tianjin and Jinan) and you just bought your vacation ticket and you are kinda broke, you might just stay in. However, in Beijing there are…

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Hilton Jinan South Hotel – Travel China

Another week, another travel, another staycation, another Hilton. Again, being HHonors and having a special rate we decided to stay in Hilton Jinan South Hotel. Honestly speaking, I found it on the HH website and only then check the Tripadvisor, which had pretty good review, but I did not…

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Shandong Street Food - Jinan Eats | Oh My Simple Life

Shandong Street Food – Jinan Eats

It is now finally time for another hawker food post – street food post. The first one about Beijing Street Food, I think was the most successful post out of all I had on this blog. This time we went to Jinan, and we planned to try some of Shandong…

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