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Ritan Park – Beijing Places

One of very underrated places of Beijing is Ritan park. It is located in the area in between Chaoyangmen and Jianguomen. Ritan, translated from Chinese means Temple of Sun. It appeared to be a big park. However you can’t compare it with Chaoyang park or the Temple of Heaven.…

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Songxiang Korean BBQ – Beijing Eats

Another dining experience that you have to have in Asia is Korean BBQ. It is not Chinese however as it is family style dining it is also quite popular in China. Convincing my boyfriend to go for Korean is always a challenge. Convincing him to go for a buffet…

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Wangfujing Street – Beijing Places

Wangfujing street is one of the central shopping streets of Beijing. Whenever I have guests or advising on visiting places in Beijing I always name Wangfujing street. First of all, at night it is beautiful. Secondly, there is a food street there, where you can find the entire selection…

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Wangfujing Street Food – Beijing Eats

Part of important Beijing travel or living experience is trying street food experience. There are quite a few places in Beijing where you can try some of famous ones. The places that you surely should go to Wangfujing street, Houhai area and Sanlitun. Today’s post is all  about Wangfujing’s…

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Traveling China: Bucket List

China is a huge country with many cities and sightseeing that surely worst a visit. I have spent quite some time here already, but to my shame due to work requirements, I did not travel much outside Beijing. Therefore, this year, I have created a China bucket list for…

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No visa transit visit in Beijing

When you go to Asia from Western countries, sometimes it seems to be smart to visit as many cities as possible. Beijing is the place you can easily visit. While you require visa for visiting China, there is also a way of visiting it on transit. I had my…

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Temple Restaurant Hutong – Beijing Eats

After visiting Dali Courtyard – Yunnan cuisine restaurant, we had another foodie experience in the TRB – Temple Restaurant Beijing. We just really had to go there as it was ranked in Top 3 of dining venues of Beijing. As the birthday dinner was approaching we decided to try…

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Dali Courtyard Dinner – Beijing Eats

After trying the local food experiences like Din Tai Fung, Hai Di Lao and Deyuan Peking Duck it was time to try something else – Yunnan cuisine. On Wednesday night, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice dinner in a local restaurant. We have decided to visit Dali…

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