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Painted Veil - 1925's China | Oh My Simple Life

Painted Veil - 1925's China | Oh My Simple LifeIt is very difficult now to find a movie, which you haven’t watch yet, which is really good. One of the most recent WoW movies was “Painted Veil” – a movie about China in 1925, starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts.

A young doctor, who is visiting London for a short trip falls in love with a young lady, who fancies social life. Being pressured by the family, she accepts his marriage proposal and moves to China with him. They stay in Shanghai and then move to a little village, where cholera killed a lot of people.

It is a movie about how two people can be completely different, like different things and have different interests but still grow love towards each other set in a beautiful sceneries of China.

The game of both actors is very sincere and pleasant. You get mixed feelings and emotions change a lot as the story line develops.

Painted Veil is a movie that did not bore me for a minute. It is a “must watch” for every one who loves beautiful love stories.

Another line is about the relationships between expatriates and locals in China. As for the expat currently based in Beijing, it is something interesting to watch.

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