Five Outdoor and Park Date Locations in Beijing

Having already touched on where to take The One for a Dinner date. Today, I would like to talk about park walking date –nice parks and places to visit. We sometimes still have a mini-date in those places.

The Chaoyang Park.

This place has always been my number one. For the reason that there is always something happening there. Sometimes it is pre-wedding photo shoots, which for me are unusual as it is culturally different. During warm seasons you can find an entertainment park there. In winter there is a ski hill as well as walking tour.

What I love to do is to grab a coffee in Costa or hot chocolate in Starbucks, and then walk around. If you would like to spend just a quiet afternoon together, talking about everything, walking aimlessly, this is the right place. Plus Solana Patio is quite close, if you would like to proceed to dinner.


Liangma River has a really long walking alley alongside. It is also a great place for an afternoon date. The area is more or less quiet, but also offers a lot of fun. In summer time, you can watch how local people fish and what they find inside. In winter, you can see ice fishing as well as ice skating.

On one of the warm days of February we went there and spent almost 2 hours on a bench. It was so entertaining to watch people and what they do on ice.

Also, in the embassy area and in Liangma alley across Kempinski you can find some small cafes and restaurants, where you can always take a break. In the same area you can find a flower market and get a bouquet for a surprise and good mood.

Nanluoguxiang Hutongs.

Another great traditional to walk around. Though it has been lately renovated. Now looks more modern but the hutongs are still there. It is again filled with small shops, cafes and restaurants.

The most surprising thing that I saw there was a Cat Cafe.

There are small shops of Chinese embroidery, books and other small things. If you are spending an evening there you can experience Italian dining in Mercante and see the hutongs with their traditional lights. I just love it!

Houhai Area.

Walking around Houhai might take you an entire day. Small shops, eateries, rickshaws and just a nice view makes your walk a pretty amazing experience.  During warmer seasons, it is a great place to walk around. You can take coffee or drinks breaks in small cafes, which are all around the place. Eateries offer you many street food experiences like meatballs and deep fried squid. In summer time you can always get refreshing juices and ice cream.

Small shops offer a great selection of Chinese souvenirs and funny stuff. Even if you don’t need anything, it is still fun just to walk around exploring them.

If you or your darling is tired of walking, you can hop on a rickshaw, which will take you around Houhai to Beihai. After that you can easily get a mobike and hit towards Wangfujing exploring more on your way for a dinner.

Fragrant Hill Park.

This place will only work as a date location in case you are planning to spend the entire day out. It takes quite some time to get there but in spring and autumn you will not find a place, which is more impressive than this park.

As you can see from the name, it is a Hill park. You can either walk up the hill or go up in a cable car and then take a walk down.

The cable cars are open and quite scary. But you can see an amazing view and enjoy being together.

As for me, Beijing has a lot of places where you can just go for a walk and enjoy the city together. When the weather and the air are clear and clean you can spend the entire day outside and enjoy it to the maximum. Those are only five of my favorites places but there are more such as the Temple of Heaven, the Lama Temple etc.

Do you like to walk? How is that as a date? Do you prefer classic restaurant dates or entertaining walks?

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