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Phone Applications You’ll Need – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

China is extremely mobile phone addicted country. Their life is going through Mobile phone. From meeting new people to paying all bills, your phone will make your life easier. So what apps are essential to have.

Disclaimer: firstly, I use IPhone, my selection is based on IOS software; secondly, it is all my personal opinion, you might not agree on it.


Now I can’t imagine how to survive without WeChat. It is an a Chinese alternative to WhatApp. But it gives you a huge option of other functions. I have once wrote on why WeChat is so amazing.


For everyone who reads my blog it is clear I adore Mobike. I have mentioned it so many times, but I will not stop as it is really great. You need to download the app and it will make your life so much more convenient.

Chinese Translator.

You need one, which works offline too. There are plenty of choices. Just make sure you got one to be able to explain what you want or find a word that you need. It might be helpful!

I actually use mine in studies too, but mainly for on spot translations.

Taobao / Jingdong.

These two are online shopping apps. You can shopping by sitting on the couch and just opening your app. I don’t over use it, I just buy electronics there. All you need is to create an account, input your address and then voila you can start shopping. I have asked the nicest colleague of mine to help me to set it up and my life is so much easier now.


Another way to pay online for everything is Alipay. It has similar way of use as WeChat wallet. But some other app use it as it is more trustworthy for them. Taobao uses it as the main mean of online purchase.

Beijing Metro Map / Apple Map.

For you attention – Google maps don’t work here, as well as other foreign maps. The best one to use is Apple maps.

As for the metro, Beijing has a huge underground system. That is why I would suggest to download a metro app that will help you to navigate through. I use Beijing maps, which shows the distance, time and also the map of the entire metro.

Banking App (Bank of China).

As I use bank of China card, I have downloaded a BOC app, which enables me to make transfers and navigate my expenses. As Chinese cash banknotes are RMB 100 max sometimes it is inconvenient to make payments in cash, this is where the convenience of banking app shows up.


Ctrip is exactly the same as, however, it is Chinese version, which serves you better as it offers cheaper rates for Chinese market. If you live in China and plan to travel within and outside China, it is a must-have on your phone.


Downloading VPN before you travel to China is a must as if you are here it is challenging to download it. In case you forgot about it and came without VPN, you can forget about Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Make sure you download one!

What are the other apps you need? Which ones are the most used for you?

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