Pre-arrival: Decision Stage

Disclaimer: Please, don’t take this post in a wrong way, there are just a few things of concern. Otherwise, I love the life here. Please, read this post with humor!

Decision of relocating abroad is always challenging. When you consider moving to China it is even more. Before you take this serious life-changing decision, consider some things. This tiny elements of daily life might influence your mood in general, even though you wouldn’t expect it. 

Chinese metro.

It is very difficult to explain how packed the metro is. In the morning when I go to work, sometimes I feel like quitting. But the time you reach the office, you are fully destroyed and tired.

First you stop using make up as it melts while you are there. As for the clothing, you start keeping a spare outfit at work, as sometimes when you get to the office you can’t keep the same one.

No one cares that you have your personal space. In China you forget this concept. If there is 20 cm of empty space, someone will surely jump in. First, you complain, then you swear, but at some point pushing becomes normal.

As it is the most convenient way to move around Beijing, this is something you will have to deal with every day. Do you think it is easy? Imagine, twice a day every day for around 30-40 minutes (on average from residential areas to business).

Eating in China.

Then wish everyone a bon appetit and enjoy food! This is how 85% of time you are going to eat in China you will find someone next to you slurping, burping and speaking with open mouth. If you are fine with that, proceed. If it is something that annoys you, it will annoy you even more once you are here.

I have actually known a couple of people who just couldn’t deal with that. What is impolite in Russia, for instance, can be an expression of enjoyment in China.

Air Quality in China (some cities).

No way to skip the air pollution. Dirty air, smoke, headaches, cough – that’s what you will have to deal with once you are here. It is not just some tales old Beijingers tell you. It is the truth and it is not pleasant.

Internet Connection. 

We all know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many others are blocked here in China. However, apart from that there are other issues that you might experience in China.

However, apart from that the Internet connection speed is also very slow, which makes downloading or using any websites pain in the neck. It is quite annoying so in the end you just reduce internet use to minimum and lose connection to the world.

Traffic Rules.

When I came back to China, I forgot where I was. On my first day here, I almost got driven over, hot by a bicycle and thrown from the staircase.

I don’t drive. I don’t have a license. But even if I had I would have never driven in China. Want to know why? Because there are no rules. Even as a pedestrian or a bicycle rider I feel so threatened that I don’t even think about cars.

I do not want to scare you away from China, however, there are a few things to consider before you go. This is not a way to offend anyone in any way. It is just a funny way of comparing unusual expat China life daily routine.

If you are willing to deal with those on the day-to-day basis, I think you will like China and will have no problems at all. After decision is taken, you just need to find a job and take of Employment Permit.