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5 Reasons Why China Should Be Your Next Destination

Reasons To Visit China RIGHT NOW | Oh My Simple Life

China is a country that everyone speaks a lot about. Many news, businesses and developments evolve around it. Even looking at the daily life, surprisingly, a lot of things connect to China. Everything that is not made in China, is still made in China, we say in Russian.

Looking through many travel blogs now, I have noticed that more and more people are attracted to this great empire. I, personally, have selected this place as a temporary living and working destinations. Here, looking through my experience and experience of fellow travel bloggers, I will try to convince you to visitChina with these 5 reasons.

Reason # 1: To see what the hype is about.

Reasons to Move To China | Oh My Simple Life

Everyone knows, China is the biggest country by the population right now. Also, it is common to know that every thing is being produced here. Another this everyone thinks about is that it is a fellow communist country, which is quite old school. You also might have heard about things like kids slavery, eating human babies, fake branded factories and many-many other things.

Well, you might believe it or not, but I suppose the best way to figure it out is to visit it and see how much of it is true.

Reason # 2: Sightseeings.

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The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Tianmen Square are the places we have all heard about and read about. But how about places like the Big Buddha, Shilinxia and a Mountain of Thousand Buddha? China has so many sightseeing options that it is almost impossible to imagine visiting them all. Even if you just live in Beijing, you might not visit them.

Some time ago, I have created a bucket list of the things I wanted to visit while living in China. To understand what interesting is there to see and create your itinerary, you can refer to my Bucket List post.

Reason # 3: No-English travel challenge.

Obviously, in Beijing or Shanghai and some other large cities you will be able to find someone speaking English. However, it is one of the local experiences to travel around using your basic Chinese and sign language. It is quite cool to do it for yourself, but also it is a great way to see the friendliness and openness of Chinese people.

Reason # 4: Safety.

Back home, anywhere you are, how often would you go out for a walk alone after the midnight? I believe, not too often as you would really be concerned about your safety.

I remember, when I briefly lived in Jakarta, if I needed to go to the supermarket after 7pm (after sunset), I will almost shake and try to find every possible excuse to avoid it.

Here in Beijing, it is absolutely fine for me (being a laowai – foreigner) to take a ride around on a bicycle or a walk anywhere, even in the darkest places… Back in the days, me and my best friends would walk back home at 4am from a nightclub and feel absolutely no danger.

It is impressive, and what’s more important than safety?

Reason # 5: Food.

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And I left the best for dessert. Chinese food is one of the most popular foods in the world. However, do you think the food you get in New York or Moscow is the same as real Chinese food? Well, I doubt it a little. Therefore, i suggest visiting China for a Food Trip.

Chinese cuisine is basically referred to anything cooked here. However, it is actually split in 7 main cuisines, which differ in taste. The Northern provinces eat a lot of fish and salted dishes, the main staple for them is noodles, while in the West spicy food is the signature, in the East it is sour based dishes, and in the South a lot of rice with different sweet condiments.

Hot Pot, dumplings, stir fries, soups and a great variety of dishes is waiting for you here. Do not wait!

There are obviously many more reasons to travel this country as it is one of the oldest and most famous empires in the world. For me, the five I mentioned above are already convincing enough to give it a chance. Come and explore yourself and see the difference between your imagination and what you will see!


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