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Summer Time – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

Beijing, China, Summer, Heat, Beijing Bikini

Spring is over (a couple of month ago though), and now it is the middle summer time. First thing that you need to know is that Beijing summer is surely not what you’d expect. I lived in Indonesia, Russia, Switzerland and the UAE, and guess what? I find that summer in Beijing is probably the most unbearable. Well, the UAE summer is also pretty bad, but Ramadan and a long annual leave helps you to avoid the worst times.

Beijing summer weather.

Beijing, China, Summer, Heat, Beijing Bikini

Every single day it is at least +32. At least! At the very least! As we are quite close to a desert, it is also extremely dry. The sun here in the summer time is incredibly hot, I get burnt in less than 10 minutes. The pollution is another topic. The best it gets is “Unhealthy Air for the Sensitive Groups”. So basically, I still feel like I’m in the UAE.

How to escape this?

So what to do in Beijing when it is like that…  The best options are:

  1. Buy DVDs in Sanlitun, some snacks in April gourmet or local snacks in Wumart and stay under the AC at home;
  2. Go outside and feel like dying… For the best experience don’t forget to take a Mobike.
  3. Do a city getaway to one of the hotels with pool. We did Hilton Sanyuan and Hilton Wangfujing (pools are not amazing though but it is just an option).
  4. Get away from Beijing… Beidaihe, Qingdao, Yanqi lake – beach, water sports and a much needed city break.
  5. Mall hopping and eating, good thing is that there are plenty of options.

Beijing, China, Summer, Heat, Beijing Bikini

PS. You wanna know how I escape the heat? I bought puzzles…

What else to expect?

You cannot imagine how much waste a city like Beijing produces. And it is very common here that it is sorted in the streets of residential areas, or even worse – in front of 5 star hotels, making all visitors “admire” Beijing.  In summer it is much worse as the heat melts it all together and creates a unique smell of Beijing.

Cars, Bikes and Bicycles.

Surprise-surprise, a good thing is that when it is this hot people leave there cars and other means of transportation so the road are comparatively less busy. BUT metro – Oh My God, I don’t risk going there as I know everyone who leaves a car or a bicycle behind are there!

Clothing and unexpected.

If you look around the Beijingers in the summer time, you will never guess it is summer by the way they dress. At the same time you see shorts and tank tops, jeans and coats and even sometimes scarves. It is incredible how sometimes you see a warmly dressed person with a kid who is wearing only shorts and a tiny T-shirt. I, personally, wear either an oversized dress so I can enjoy the freedom and not be effected by the heat or shorts with a T-shirt. But Beijingers are right sometimes you might need to have a back up.

Sometimes, there might be an unexpected and unforeseen storm coming out of blue. It rains and the wind is so strong that you probably wish you had a back up…

Beijing Bikini.

Another thing, which is very strange and only typical to China is Beijing  Bikini. Every summer you see exactly the same thing on all streets of Beijing – men showing their bellies. They normally roll up their shirt and just walk around like that. There is an entire article on That’s Beijing about Beijing bikini, if you’d like to know more.

Summer is the toughest season in Beijing. You might consider taking a vacation and escape for a bit. No beach, polluted rivers and no fresh air make no this place no better, so make sure you temporarily out for a travel.

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