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5 Favorite Places on the Earth

I have not travelled as much as other travel bloggers do as I still have a full time jobs. However, when I get a chance to travel, I try to do it. My hotelier career is also a great way to explore.  In this place I have decide to…

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Packing for Hong Kong Vacation

Before every trip there is a great excitement. Some people pack in advance, some very last minute but everyone is trying to take up the most needed things. My next trip to Hong Kong is planned for 9 days, which means I need to pack quite a bit of…

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Hong Kong Vacation Bucket List

Vacation is always exciting. Many people plan everything with attention to a detail, but some just let it flow… I am kind of in between, I like to know what I’d like to see, visit and eat, but now really plan to a minute. As I have previously visited…

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Citygarden New Singaporean – Beijing Eats

After living around Singapore for a year, I can’t say I became a fan of Singaporean cuisine, as it is quite spicy and unique. However, when we walked around aimlessly looking for a restaurant, having tried most of the options of APM malls, Citygarden seemed a good idea. Our…

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Hong Kong Food Trip

My first goal of the weekend was to visit Hong Kong. Second – to try Cantonese food. Basically, we focused so much on food that in the end it felt like we didn’t do anything but ate. Day One: Dim Sum and Vietnamese Pho. We did not really do…

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