The Summer Palace - Exploring Beijing | Oh My Simple Life

The Summer Palace – Beijing Places

One of the nicest places in Beijing to visit is the Summer Palace. It is a little bit out of the city but totally worth a visit. The best is to visit it during the working week as during the weekend it is packed. It is a beautiful park…

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Visiting Baikal - Freezing Paradise | Oh My Simple Life

Freezing in Baikal Lake – Travel Russia

Baikal is one of a very famous places in Russia, however, abroad not many know about it. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and the biggest fresh water reservoir. Even though I am a Russian, I have only managed to visit this place long after we originally…

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My Top Favourite Places on the Earth | Oh My Simple Life

5 Favorite Places on the Earth

I have not travelled as much as other travel bloggers do as I still have a full time jobs. However, when I get a chance to travel, I try to do it. My hotelier career is also a great way to explore.  In this place I have decide to…

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Hong Kong Vacation Bucket List

Vacation is always exciting. Many people plan everything with attention to a detail, but some just let it flow… I am kind of in between, I like to know what I’d like to see, visit and eat, but now really plan to a minute. As I have previously visited…

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National Art Museum – Beijing Places

When it is too hot and you can only beat 20 minutes outside, it is time to think about indoor activities. Also, after travels (Tianjin and Jinan) and you just bought your vacation ticket and you are kinda broke, you might just stay in. However, in Beijing there are…

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Bird Nest National Stadium – Beijing Places

Another weekend – another sightseeing adventure. AH was quite excited as that was as far North as we ever went. Timeout Beijing announced in March that the Bird Nest National Stadium Rooftop is now accessible for visitors. So, of course we took a challenge… The Bird Nest. As we…

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