China National Museum - Beijing Places | Oh My Simple Life

China National Museum – Beijing Places

As soon as I decided to wear something light and summer and prepared my new lens to meet Beijing, it started raining… So unfortunate! But on the other hand it was a great chance to finally visit China National Museum. Around 20 halls, 4 floors and free tickets made…

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Pottery Class - Lazy Weekends | Oh My Simple Life

Pottery Class – Beijing Places

I have always wanted to try doing a pottery class. In all movies it seemed to be a very relaxing and romantic thing to do. So finally, being off together after a heavy burger lunch we have decided it to try the pottery class. As everyone knows in Beijing…

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The Art Weekend - Beijing's 798 | Oh My Simple Life

798 Art District – Beijing Places

One of the interesting places to visit in Beijing is 798 Art District, which is located a little away from the center of the city. However, it is not too mainstream for the tourists to come over, but for people who live in Beijing. Art District is never the…

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Hilton Sanyuan Hotel – Beijing Places

Sometimes you want to get out somewhere and not just stay at home. It might happen for a multiple reasons like bad AC in Beijing apartments, too much sunlight or you might simply just want to change the surroundings. In that case you might consider a staycation somewhere in…

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Antique Market – Beijing Places

I love Saturdays! I mean who doesn’t love weekend? I don’t like Sundays as I know that the next day I have to wake up early morning and go to the office. (I don’t mind my job, but it is just my laziness!) I split my weekend in two…

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Beijing, China, Ritan Park, Relaxation, Expat life, Weekend

Ritan Park – Beijing Places

One of very underrated places of Beijing is Ritan park. It is located in the area in between Chaoyangmen and Jianguomen. Ritan, translated from Chinese means Temple of Sun. It appeared to be a big park. However you can’t compare it with Chaoyang park or the Temple of Heaven.…

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Songxiang Korean BBQ – Beijing Eats

Another dining experience that you have to have in Asia is Korean BBQ. It is not Chinese however as it is family style dining it is also quite popular in China. Convincing my boyfriend to go for Korean is always a challenge. Convincing him to go for a buffet…

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