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The Temple of Heaven – Beijing Places

Sometimes you have those days when you miss some of the past time. Today for me is one of those days. I am back to Beijing but many things are different now. I have decided to go back in time and just spend a day the way I used to.


After a breakfast and morning relaxation, I have decided to walk to one of the very famous places in Beijing – the Temple of Heaven. One of the places that I did not get to visit during my first working time in China. IMG_5528

It turned out to be one of really nice places that Beijing has to offer. With huge area for walks, the scenery observatory desk and the temple it makes the place a perfect place for a romantic afternoon walk or a morning picnic.



 The Temple of Heaven is the perfect place for a weekend out.

After exploring the surroundings I am planning to visit Jingshan Park, Ritan park, Wangfujing, and also walk around 798 and Nanluoguxiang, and of course, go for a getaway to the Summer Palace.




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