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Temporary Registration – Moving to Russia

Temporary Registration - Moving to Russia | Oh My Simple Life

After you have received the invitation and visa, and finally safely arrived to Moscow, it is time to get the local temporary registration. If you stay in a hotel or a company takes care of your documents you will be lucky to escape the hassle. However, if you do everything on your own, you might have some questions.

First of all, you need to know that your temporary registration MUST BE done within 7 days since the arrival. Secondly, you will not be able to do anything (in terms of preparing documents) else if you don’t take care of this.

Preparing documents:

  1. Passport & Visa
  2. Immigration Card
  3. The certificate of ownership
  4. Owner’s passport
  5. Application form
  6. Copies of all documents (just have them in case, as they might take copies themselves)

Passport and Visa are easy, it is all just stamped and prepared for you to take around. Immigration card is a document that you get in the airport while you are going through the passport control. If you are staying at the apartment, you need to get a certificate of the ownership from ALL owners or their agreement letter. If there is only one owner, you just need one certificate supported by the owner’s passport.

There are three ways of how to get your temporary registration done:

  1. Visit immigration police office (disadvantage: difficult to find)
  2. Visit the post office and submit documents there to be posted to the immigration centre (disadvantage: takes too long & requires a little payment of RUB 200)
  3. Visit Moscow Multifunctional center (the best option).

As mentioned above I would not recommend going to the immigration office or the post as they have some disadvantages, but calling the central line of MFK (МФЦ) +74957777777 to find the closest center. Take all the documents there and the center assistants will give you the application form. 5 minutes and your registration is done.

After you have received your registration, you can now visit the central marriage registry to apply for the marriage. In the next post I will share how it went for us.

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