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Using WeChat – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

Before I mentioned the most important apps to download, when you are moving to China and WeChat was among them. Have you ever heard of WeChat? I can bet, if you haven’t been to China, then most likely you haven’t. It is an amazing app, which for me beats Whatsapp, Line and Viber. You’ll ask “Why?” and I explain.

Everyone here is using it.

Here if you have no WeChat you will not survive! Here everyone is on WeChat. Literally, everyone! Kids, adults, older generations, foreigners – EVERYONE! It is huge in China. As Whatsapp can be blocked any time and sometimes can be not properly working, WeChat is an alternative.

WeChat Location Services.

You’ll probably tell me that you can also send location throught the Whatsapp. But I will answer that it is not quite the same. On this app you can actually have real-time location sharing where you can see how person is moving. Especially, it is fun when I am waiting for someone to come.

WeChat Wallet.

This is also available for everyone. You might have difficulty if you downloaded a bugged version. In that case, you need a Chinese bank card, otherwise, it is easy. Now, it is actually easier to pay with WeWallet rather than cash as it is supported everywhere. Also, it requires no cash so the risk that they trick you is less.

Just scan a QR code and either you get money or you pay money! Beijing nowadays is basically cashless.

WeChat Utilities Payment.

Sometimes, it is such a pain when you woke up in the morning and there is no water. Just because you forgot to pay or did not have time. This app features a service, which helps you to avoid or fix it in a blink of an eye. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Just make sure you have credits on your Wallet and you know a bit of Chinese. In the worst case you can ask your Chinese friends to help you.

Again, scan a QR for gas, water or electricity and it is done!

WeChat Taxi Service.

When I came back to China I tried catching a taxi on the streets. My friends laughed so much and said you are so old school! No one stands and wait for a cab in Beijing anymore as you have this app, where you inform the taxi drivers where you want to go and they pick you. After they delivered you, you can pay using Wallet.


You can subscribe to restaurants, hotels, magazines, online magazines and blog updates on WeChat. You don’t even need to look for it, in most of the cases. It is just enough to visit a place and join their WiFi network. Sometimes, you can see the QR code, scan it and you are part.

In Beijing you get new on special offers, discounts and what’s hot this way.

Discount Cards.

You don’t need to carry a wallet full of discount cards anymore. All you need now is to just have you phone. There are online discount cards and coupons available for all. Use it, collect points and enjoy free good stuff.

File Transfer Function.

This is the best function ever. You can log on any computer and transfer files though File Transfer of WeChat. It is absolutely safe and takes seconds. Take you phone and computer. Go on Web and find online app, then scan QR code. All you have to do now is to select a file.

New features that have been just introduced are Mobike and also Food Delivery, which simplify your daily life.

I suppose there are many more functions, which I don’t know about. When you are able to speak Chinese, you will surely know more than me!

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