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Where do we stand now? – Longest break ever

Where do we stand now? - Longest break ever | Oh My Simple Life

And I did not write anything for a very long. Since we’ve moved to Moscow I did not have much time so far to post. Why? Because firstly we were preparing for the wedding. Secondly, we continued preparation of documents for Russian immigration (and we are still suffering). Third reason is that setting up the house is taking time. And finally, apart from working, I have taken up some studies ( I will soon share).

So as you can see I was quite busy lately and didn’t have much time and I completely abandoned the blog, so I am very sorry for that and I am coming back soon with a completely new topic and some news. Do not forget about me and I promise in the New coming Year there will be many posts, many interesting topics and way more useful and interesting information.

So stay with me and you will soon see

  1. What happened with our application for the Russian living permit.
  2. What classes I took up and what I work now on.
  3. Our picks for our lovely house.
  4. What we explored in Moscow so far.
  5. How our wedding went and what I wish I thought about before the wedding

and many other things.

Sign up and stay with me and you will see even more!

Happy weekend!

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