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Working Permit – Guide to Living in Beijing, China

The first step on your way to moving to China is obtaining Working Permit, Invitation and Visa. It is not always a simple and a fast process. For me this step took about 6 months to be able to enter China.

I will guide you through the process step by step and share with you how it should go and how it turned out to be.

Step 1. Prepare your documents.

Make sure that you prepare the documents such as:

  • Educational Certificate (at least Bachelor Degree)
  • Employment Certificate (2 years min. experience)
  • Health Check – Alien Medical Examination Form
  • Photos
  • Criminal record – translated into Chinese and verified by the embassy of PRC in your country

Some of employers require more, but this was the list that I received. This step takes just about 3 weeks in Russia, but may vary depending on your country of residence.

Step 2. Send the originals.

All of the papers I mentioned above you need to have in either English or Chinese. After you need to send them all together originals and translated copies.

In Russia as all the documents are provided in Russian, it takes 3 weeks additionally to get them approved by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and then the embassy of PR China.

Step 3. Submission to Labor Bureau for Alien Working Permit.

This is the most important and the most difficult step. First, you have to go through online submission, which takes 5 days. Then, you can apply for an appointment. Basically, the promise is that if the documents are in line with what’s the requirements are,  the company will manage to submit it. In real life, it is tricky. Why? As you apply, they only check if all paper work is presented but not the quality. So after you have waited for 5 days, it might be rejected because a small detail. In this case the employer will have to reapply online again.

Step 4. Application for Invitation.

After your future employer have gone through the trouble of getting Alien Working Permit, the next step is Invitation letter. For employment in China you need to come with a working visa of Z category. For that you require invitation letter.

The company hiring you can apply for it after receiving the Alien Working Permit.

Step 5. Embassy and Visa. 

The final step on your way to China is applying for visa. You need to get your documents:

  • Questionnaire
  • Passport
  • Invitation letter and Working Permit
  • Copies of old Chinese visas
  • Copies of All Documents

After collecting all of these papers you can submit them to the embassy. Usually the visa process takes around 5 working days. On the day of visa pick up, you will need to pay a fee. I suggest to check the Embassy website in your country for the fee. Upon payment, you receive your passport with Z visa.

Z visa offers 90 days to enter the country and 30 days to stay after entering. After that you will have to receive Living Permit.

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